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Welcome to VIP Vorobjev Clinic

VIP Vorobjev Clinic - We help you embrace the better side of life

Since its foundation, VIP Vorobjev Clinic has been focusing on complete rehabilitation of patients, so that during and after the procedures they can undergo psychological treatments in full comfort. VIP Vorobjev Clinic is constantly working on the improvement of its treatments and procedures, as well as the quality of patients accommodation and meeting their individual needs.

VIP Vorobjev clinic boasts experts in addictive disorders, intensive care specialists, neurologists, psychotherapists, psychologists, special educators, and trained nurses. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices and patients are provided with 24-hour medical assistance by the on-call shift, specialists and nurses.

Addictive disorders treatment clinic

Addictive disorders treatment clinic VIP Vorobjev hires world-renowned and award-winning specialists who apply the latest and innovative methods of treatment in drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction or some of the psychological disorders such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression. There is also non-medical staff in charge of your comfort during the stay.

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Our modern medical department is equipped with a large number of diagnostic and therapeutic devices, as well as other necessary equipment for carrying out successful detoxification and other procedures. VIP Vorobjev Clinic boasts a high percentage of patients successfully cured using innovative and painless procedures, which amounts to 86% when it comes to drug addiction and as much as 92% when it comes to alcoholism.

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VIP Vorobjev Clinic has a vast experience in treating addictive disorders with more than 24,000 patients who underwent treatment over the past 23 years of existence. With our painless detoxification, you will wake up without drug craving and leave your past days of obsession with drugs behind. Your body will stop craving for psychoactive substances, and you will be ready to return to a normal life that will give you another chance.

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Go back to normal life

Through individual and group therapy, VIP Vorobjev Clinic gives you a chance to better understand the cause that took you to the subconscious-level addiction. With the help of our psychotherapists, you will find solutions to deal with panic attacks, improve communication skills, and be able to make the right decisions on your own.

  • Detoxification: Methods To Cleanse Your Body

    At VIP Dr Vorobjev Clinic, the detoxification process is carried out painlessly (especially heroin detox), and the individual needs of patients are a priority for us. In detoxification, during the first 24 hours, the patient is under the constant supervision of our intensive care specialists. VIP Dr Vorobjev Clinic is equipped according to ICU standards (system for monitoring vital functions, oxygen therapy and respirators, automated drug delivery devices, laboratory).

  • Diagnostics: Important Stage of Treatment

    Through specialist diagnostics, our doctors assess the degree of addiction, as well as the extent of its effects and personality disorders in patients. Through interviews, we motivate patients to turn to the treatment and the better side of life and, after thorough consultations with the closest relatives of the patient, together we create a strategy for their returning to a normal life.

  • Psychotherapy: Counseling for Addictions

    An expert team of psychiatrists and psychologists develops various psychological and social (psychosocial) strategies for treatment, each offering a different level and type of support to people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Treatments are often mixed and tailored to suit individual needs so that excellent results could be reached rapidly in the most effective way.

  • All You Need to Know About Mental Addiction Therapy

    Drugs are the cause of major disorders in neurochemical processes for emotion regulation. After detoxification, patients often experience various mood swings, depression, sleep disorders, uncontrolled thoughts, and drug craving. Ibogaine therapy is a powerful treatment that helps the patient recognize his mistakes and return to a natural and normal life. Ibogaine greatly helps in cases where methadone, family, or psychologists yielded no effective results.

  • Post-treatment support

    Psychological monitoring of patients and the help we provide after their leaving the clinic is very important because of the specific individual psychological reaction to entering an environment new to them. The goals of psychological support are directed at continuously helping our patients and building confidence and respect, giving encouragement and morale-boosting for a healthy and normal life.

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapies we use at VIP Dr Vorobjev Clinic are physical methods aimed at improving, maintaining and establishing health and functioning of people with different needs and problems caused by addiction disorders or inactivity due to psychological disorders. Our physiotherapists apply an appropriate body of knowledge and skills, communicate and show tolerance to each patient individually.

treatment of addiction disease

We have proved that the sentence ``once an addict, always an addict`` is incorrect!

With the help of our detox treatments, your body will cease to have the desire for psychoactive substances, and you will soon be able to return to normal life and family.

Your body will be free from psychoactive substances while you are asleep.

The desire to use psychoactive substances will be gone and your brain will restore.

Implant therapy guarantees success even after leaving the clinic.

You will be ready to return to a normal life.

Honorary awards

Dr Vorobjev clinic was founded 23 years ago, and during this time, we have provided treatments to more than 24,000 patients from all over the world. For our contributions to public health in the field of addiction treatment, in the year 2020, we were awarded with the Rose of Paracelsus award in Brussels. This prestigious award serves as another proof of the quality of work that we honor at our clinic. In the years ahead of us, we will strive to raise the level of our services to an even higher standard, because our patients deserve nothing but the best.

Thank you for your trust,

Dr Vorobjev clinic.

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