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Due to the intake of harmful substances (drugs, alcohol, medicine abuse) blood vessels and blood cells are destroyed, resulting in infections, sepsis, thrombosis, embolism and even death.

Laser stimulation of the blood restores blood cells, reduces blood vessel erosion, improves the transmission of matters, and therefore the nutrition of vital organs.


– Detoxification of blood

– Reduction of trembling and abstinence crises due to increased circulation and brain nutrition

– Reducing muscle cramps

– Increase in circulation

– Warm extremities

– Recovery and detox of liver

– Increased immunity

– Wound healing

– Reducing the risk of embolism and thrombosis

– Increasing general fitness

Laser stimulation is used to clean the blood and restore the body after strenuous training and extreme efforts in healthy people and top athletes, as it reduces the amount of fat in the blood, increases oxygen transport, and accelerates the elimination of harmful substances from the body.

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