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Video game addiction treatment has systematically begun in 2018. This was the year when the World Health Organization included this phenomenon in the addictive disorder register. Many are surprised to learn that playing games is found in the same group with diseases that involve different psychoactive substances such as drugs and alcohol. The explanation is simple. Although no harmful substances are put into body by playing video games, when a disorder develops, there are numerous psychological and physical consequences, and psychological dependence develops as well.

Most importantly, the addict loses control over own behavior. Addiction begins to govern his life and all other life segments become secondary. In practice, this means that children will start avoiding schoolwork, training, socializing with peers, and later attending regular classes.

In adults, interest in hobbies, going out with a partner or friends, business meetings will gradually be lost. In the end, the whole world of addicts will revolve around one single thing, video games.

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Effects of video game addiction

It is important to emphasize that, when it comes to any addiction, it will endanger not the life of a single person, but many of them. The quality of the whole family, parents, children and partners is questioned. Of course, the addict himself will feel the most severe health consequences.

Staying in a dark, unventilated room for months, repeating similar and minimal movements, will inevitably take its toll. Vision, spine, digestive organs will be affected. As a result of insufficient physical activity, circulation is impaired and digestive problems can occur. Stiffness in the neck and spine are some of the common symptoms when it comes to video game addiction.

Addicts spend most of their time playing games isolated, without contact with other people. Although many games are competitive and played by a large number of people, there is no genuine interaction among players. Without contacting with “live people,” social skills are gradually lost and behavior becomes asocial. This consequently leads to anxiety and insecurity. The most trivial everyday tasks, such as buying groceries or going to work and talking with co-workers, become a source of stress. Satisfaction and safety are only felt in front of the screen.

All this confirms that the changes are not only physical but mental as well. All previous interests are lost, the patient’s closest ones cannot recognize him. Often, aggression also occurs, but only if the main source of happiness – playing games – is called into question. Aggression will be manifested by autodestruction or destruction. The addict will try to commit suicide or hurt the people around him. There have also been extreme cases when parents killed underage children because they interrupted them, intentionally or accidentally, in playing games.

Video game addiction treatment: how addiction develops

Video game addiction does not develop suddenly or at once. This process is so seamless that addicts are often unaware of it. They won’t notice the moment when playing games will outweigh all other things and become the only thing that matters.

At the beginning, and after playing for a while, excitement will be intense. Later, the player will want to repeat the adrenaline rush and pleasure and will, therefore, strive to play more often and longer. The longer he plays, the higher the tolerance threshold will be. This means that it will take more and more hours of playing games to achieve an equally powerful experience.

Video game addiction treatment and symptoms of withdrawal

As time spent playing games increases, the time for all other things decreases proportionally. This is when family members react most often, pointing to a situation that is out of control. The addict denies the problem and tries to justify his behavior with lies. He sometimes wants to reduce the time he spends in front of the screen, but he can’t do it. The need to play is stronger than the awareness of the negative consequences.

When a parent, partner, or someone else forbids the addict to play, the addict feels the symptoms of withdrawal. Without previous refuge in the virtual world, a person becomes dissatisfied and cranky, bored. The sense of life and safety is lost, the addict tends to put the blame on the environment that discontinued his source of safety. As a rule, the addict is not aware that he or she is responsible for causing the problem but blames others.

Then there is a conflict. At best, the addict will understand the magnitude of the problem and seek expert help. If one chooses self-treatment, the chances of recovery decrease as the problem is much more complex than it seems at first glance.

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Video game addiction treatment with expert help

In order for the addict to achieve satisfactory results, that is, to be permanently cured, we advise you to consult experts. For proper determination of therapy, many factors have to be taken into account, some of which have led to problems.

For optimal results, pre-determined treatment stages should be adhered to.


This is the first and extremely important step in patient treatment. The goal of diagnostics is to obtain relevant information about the patient’s current mental and physical condition. For this purpose, psychological tests are used to determine the level of addiction, the possible existence of mental illness or depression. Also, the preservation of voluntary mechanisms will be established as will be the degree of patient’s motivation to recover.

Physical condition is checked by standard diagnostic examination. The patient undergoes a urine test, blood test, ECG, as well as an internist examination. In the case of a chronic patient or other risk factors, additional examinations and tests will be required. At the recommendation of the physicians, partner clinics perform EEG, ultrasound, X-ray, MRT, endoscopy … Specialist examinations include cardiological, neurological, endocrinological examination.

After collecting all the results, the medical team will carefully analyze them and make an individual treatment plan.

Medicine therapy

When a patient arrives at the clinic, his or her mental state should usually be regulated by pharmacotherapy. This primarily means acting on nervousness, tension and symptoms of depression. When the patient begins to approach the problem objectively and understand the causes and consequences of the addictive behavior, they can move to the next phase of treatment.

Medical device treatment, psychotherapy and pharmacohypnosis

One of the key things when it comes to treating addicts is certainly the use of modern medical devices. Neuro Jet device stimulates nerve cells that produce dopamine and endorphin. This method is completely painless and special impulses that act on the cells are controlled by a computer.

Lateral therapy is used to normalize the functioning of both cerebral hemispheres. It eliminates behavioral and mood disorders, and affects the pathological desire to play games.

Eye movement integrator blocks and accelerates experiences related to the pathological need to play games. Encoded video and audio signals are emitted through special glasses and headphones. This subconsciously creates a number of associations about the perniciousness of video games and develops a negative attitude towards the rituals associated with it.


With psychotherapy

, the patient will be trained to cope with stress and life challenges. He will learn to accept himself, reconnect with people and become an integral part of society. With the help of a therapist, he will find the cause of his own problem. He will consider many negative consequences of addictive behavior, such as those mental and physical, to social and professional. Through working with the family, trust will be regained and problems in family relationships will be observed.

The relationship of trust between the patient and the therapist is critical to healing. At VIP Vorobiev clinic, you don’t have to worry about someone finding out what you said to your therapist. Confidentiality and discretion is what we guarantee.


Pharmacohypnosis is sometimes applied in the treatment of addicts. Ibogaine is given at the recommendation of a physician.

Occupational therapy, mental blockage, outpatient treatment

Occupational therapy

This therapy involves various activities that have a positive effect on the mental and physical health of patients. It includes creative and educational workshops that will help the patient to re-socialize ie. refit into society faster. Painting, sculpting, jigsaw puzzles, quizzing, movie watching, creating jewelry and greeting cards, as well as a range of sports activities (gym, billiards, gymnastics, darts …) are available to our patients. Not only will attending these activities help patients make friends with other patients of the clinic, but will also develop their self-esteem that is often shaken.

Mental blockage is a method that contains elements of hypnosis. The patient has the feeling of reliving his life. Especially important events, images from childhood, people who have had crucial influence on the life of the patient flash before his eyes. The high amount of emotion makes patients react violently, with an awareness of the consequences of their actions. Often, patients cry after a mental blockage and swear that they will leave the world of addiction forever.

Post-treatment support

After completing the scheduled therapy and leaving the clinic, the patient remains in contact with our clinic physicians for the next year. The goal is to maintain healthy lifestyle habits and avoid returning to the addictive world. With continued support, he will realize that he is not alone, but that he can always count on advice, encouragement and help. It is also very important that patients are instructed to follow the rules to avoid relapses (return to vices after an apparent improvement in condition).

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Treatment at VIP Vorobiev clinic

If you want to leave the problem of addiction behind you forever, addiction treatment hospital VIP Vorobiev is the right choice. We apply a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of addiction. The disorder is viewed from multiple angles, and eminent experts of different profiles cooperate in the treatment.

If you are coming from abroad, I will help you get a visa and will organize transport to the clinic if needed.

Comfortable rooms fully furnished for a pleasant stay are at your disposal. The clinic includes a lounge and a summer house. In your spare time, you can relax in the pool or the gym. Your safety and security come first, so the entire facility is covered by video surveillance.

We are with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are here to answer all your questions and support you in your most important life decision. Now is the time to change your life and return to healthy habits. We can help you.

Clinic for the treatment of addiction disorders Dr Vorobjev

Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management.

— Josh Billings

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