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Spacious room no. 2

Spacious room number 2 has a large and comfortable double bed, a beautiful dining table and a large wardrobe. The room is equipped with luxurious furniture as well as all the necessary things for a comfortable stay such as LCD cable TV, free Wi-Fi internet, and a small fridge and air conditioning.

Exit to the balcony provides a beautiful view and a relaxing atmosphere of fresh air and birds twitter.

With its abstract design and comfort, it will satisfy all the demands of even the greatest hedonists. In addition to the large double bed, there is also a shelf for storing smaller items as well as a TV shelf, nightstands, a mirror, wall lamps … The beauty of this room is complemented by woolen rugs that give warmth to space. The room floor is coated with the finest parquet flooring and decorated with beautiful rich curtains.

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