Another great year for us is coming to an end and we took this opportunity to celebrate the many successes that marked it. We achieved great results and cured many people who asked for help. Our priority is to continue with the same pace in the coming years.

Celebration of the New Year in Filmski Grad restaurant

This was a very fertile year during which we successfully cured a large number of patients. That is why we decided to organize a celebration in Filmski Grad restaurant, which is located on Kosutnjak and surrounded by beautiful nature. It was important for us everything to be at a high level because our top experts deserved maximum comfort, relax, and an incentive to continue with successful treatment.

Celebration was attended by all employees at two clinics in Belgrade: Dr Vorobjev and VIP Vorobjev. The director of the clinic, Dr Aleksej Elistratov, held an extremely inspiring speech that delighted everyone who attended this solemn event. He congratulated employees on a successful year and wished them all the best on personal and business plans in the future. He also spoke in Serbian and thus even more contributed to creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

A prestigious award for quality in 2018

There were really many reasons to celebrate. One of these is the prestigious International Quality Award we received in New York in 2018. This award has come as yet another confirmation of our success and commitment and is given for innovation and constant aspirations to improving the quality of work. Given that this is what we are constantly doing, we were not surprised, but that did not diminish the sense of pride and happiness. Everyone, including us, likes to see the ultimate result of what he does.

Receiving this prestigious award is a real incentive to improve the quality of treatment and look for even more advanced methods in treating addictive disorders. We know that we are on the right track and are looking forward to the days to come, as we firmly believe that next year will be full of successes, numerous recoveries and happy moments.




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