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  • Lečenje zavisnosti

    VIP Dr Vorobjev, klinika za lečenje bolesti zavisnosti (droga, kocka, alkoholizam...) se već 18 godina uspešno bavi ovim problemom koji je nažalost prisutan u svim društvenim slojevima.
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  • Psihički poremećaji

    Učestalost psihičkih poremećaja (depresija, anksioznost, neuroza, psihoza...) u današnjem društvu je velika i značajno utiče na kvalitet života čoveka ali i njegove porodice.
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  • Rehabilitacija

    Rehabilitacija pomaže našim pacijentima da se oporave u vrhunskom ambijentu intenzivnim personalizovanim programom koji kombinuje medicinski tretman i psihoterapije.
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We Value Your Family's
Health and Your Time

Welcome to Medicenter a full-service diagnostic center and medical care clinic located on the north side of Chicago in the historic neighborhood. We provide fast effective and affordable treatment for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries that need attention right away by certified specialists.

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Why Choose Us

It is the people who make Medicenter what it is and we are extremely proud of the archievements of our
staff. We all work together to help our patients through recovery, providing the best possible care.

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Latest News


Family Birth Center

Leading Edge Care for Mom and Baby

The Family Birth Center at Medicenter is a unique, full-service facility offering moms-to-be leading edge care in a comfortable, nurturing setting. We offer care through delivery and post-natal treatment to ensure you a happy and the best possible birthing experience.

Remember the stay well 92%
Rate the kitchen well 85%
Benefited from classes 65%

Learn why is it worth it

Medicenter Immediate Care Facilities Provide Quick Care and Relief

No appointment needed, most patients are seen, treated and released in about 60 minutes. Certified and experienced MD physicians not nurses and on site diagnostic tests with lab.

  • Colonoscopy
  • Gastroscopy
  • Allergy Testing
  • CT Scan
  • Colonoscopy
  • Gastroscopy
  • Allergy Testing
  • CT Scan

Meet the Team

Is it the people who make Medicenter what it is and we are extremely proud of the achievements of our
staff. We all work together to help our patients through recovery, providing the best possible care.

Medical Walk-in Process

[info_box title=”No Appointment Needed” icon=”medical-bed” animation=”fadeIn” animation_duration=”500″ arrow=”light” arrow_animation=”slideRight” arrow_animation_duration=”800″ arrow_animation_delay=”150″]An appointment is not required in order to receive care. For this reason, patients do not have to plan out when they can come in. Simply walk in and you’ll be seen.[/info_box]
[info_box title=”Licensed Professionals” icon=”dna” animation=”slideRight” animation_duration=”800″ animation_delay=”600″ arrow=”dark” arrow_animation=”slideRight” arrow_animation_duration=”800″ arrow_animation_delay=”1050″]Urgent care physicians and nurses offer high-quality care. They are licensed and recognized as reputable members of the healthcare industry.[/info_box]
[info_box title=”Cost Effective” icon=”people” animation=”slideRight” animation_duration=”800″ animation_delay=”1500″]The cost of seeing a physician at a medical immediate care facility will be much more affordable than seeing a physician in an emergency room.[/info_box]
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      تیم حرفه ای روانشناس ها و روان پزشک ها استراتژی ها ی روانی و اجتماعی مختلف برای درمان را هست می کنند، و هر از آنها سطح مختلف و نوع پشتیبانی به مردم که از اعتیاد مواد مخدر و الکل بهبود می یافتند را تقدیم دارند. درمان ها اغلب آمیخته و همارا هستند که به فردی مناسب است تا نتیجه ها ی عالی را زود داشته باشند.

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Rehabilitation and Therapy

Surgery or injury can take you out of action. Rehabilitation services at Medicenter can help relieve your pain and increase your strength and flexibility.

Staffed by highly trained and skilled professionals, Medicenter’s rehabilitation services span the treatment continuum. We carry out rehabilitation in both chronic and stress-induced conditions of motor organs, after operations and injuries. Our goal is to help restore your best possible quality of life.