The holidays are coming, and according to many, it is the most beautiful time of the year. However, for people who struggle with depression, this is one of the most difficult periods. Joy and happiness are everywhere, and a person feels broken and empty inside. It is a special type of pain and suffering that is best understood by the ones who go through it. Fortunately, you do not have to go through this alone, because we are here to help you. Depression is a serious disorder, but with our help you can overcome it once and for all.

What is depression?

Depression belongs to mood disorders and affects the whole life of the person who suffers from it and the lives of people around, as it leads to significant troubles in marriage, family, social and working environment. It is not only difficult for a person who goes through it, but also for his loved ones who helplessly observe how someone’s whole world is falling apart and they do not know what to do to help him. For this reason, it often happens that the family is seeking help on behalf of one of its members who is not able to take the initiative and take care of himself.


At our VIP Vorobjev clinic, we have successfully cured numerous cases of depression and helped people start enjoying their life. This makes us very proud because there is nothing better than knowing that we have successfully cured someone of this severe disorder.

Depression and its causes

Different situations can trigger depression. Let us not forget about biological factors and genetic predispositions, and it occurs more often in families where someone has already suffered from similar mood swings. Nevertheless, there are other factors, such as serious illness, trauma, financial problems, divorce, death or job loss. These are all serious life situations that turn one’s life upside down overnight.

The seasonal affective disorder that occurs during the winter period can lead to depression. We have already mentioned how festive atmosphere around us has a negative impact on depressed patients. At that point, they get more and more isolated and retreat into themselves because they cannot stand a huge contrast between the outer and their inner world. We totally understand this reaction and we are familiar with the painful experience of life that is present in people who suffer from it. That is why we do our best to help them get out of the vicious circle they have found themselves in.

Addictions lead to numerous negative consequences – one of them is depression. Since we have experience in the treatment of various types of addiction, we are familiar with the most effective procedures. Thanks to them, patients are able to regain their faith and hope that they will emerge from the “vicious circle” they found themselves in.

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How to help?

Depression is a very serious disorder that in the most severe cases can even lead to suicide. Therefore, self-treatment is not recommended, for it often results in failure. Being overwhelmed with sadness and feeling of helplessness leads to further complications that can be solved only with the help of experts.

There is always a solution and we are here to offer it.

At our VIP Vorobjev clinic, there are top experts who have many years of experience in the treatment of various types of addiction and mental disorders. Our priority is to cure the patients, both physically and mentally, and we know that this is possible due to the many successes we have achieved in this field.

The first step is accepting the problem and the person’s desire to be cured and to get better. We are here to support and encourage them in these endeavors. Life can be beautiful again and every day is a chance to be happy and satisfied. Wish your closest ones to get better in the New Year, and may it become a  cause for happy moments again.

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