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Designer Drugs Addiction Treatment and Rehab Center

Reports of addiction to designer drugs are relatively new, yet rising to a concerning degree. Many people addicted to standard drugs have started to move to designer drugs, introducing many new and concerning signs of addiction. Several designer drug effects on the body can lead to both mild and chronic conditions.

This article will explain everything you need to learn about designer drugs and treatment options available to help treat this dangerous addiction.

Designer Drugs

Designer Drugs Side Effects on the Brain and Body

Since most designer drugs have a higher potency compared to their parent drugs, they can be more dangerous. There are several side effects of designer drugs, including:

Shortness of breath
Respiratory depression
Muscle weakness
Panic attacks
Long-term cognitive difficulties
Rapid heart rate

Symptoms and Signs of Designer Drugs Addiction

An individual can easily form an addiction to designer drugs, even after using them just once or twice. This means the signs of using designer drugs are sometimes easily noticeable. Some common symptoms and signs of designer drugs addiction include:

Relationship problems
Sleeping too little or too much
A drastic change in hygiene or appearance
Strange new behaviors like aggression and paranoia
Continuous mood swings
Isolating from family and friends
Memory problems
Learning and engaging difficulties at school or work

Types of Designer Drugs

People use different types of designer drugs that may require different treatment methods and have different side effects.

Bath Salt

These are synthetic cathinones that act as a stimulant. Bath Salts are also responsible for increasing sex drive and friendliness. However, they can have severe side effects like violent episodes and hallucinations.


Spice is synthetic cannabis that mimics the effects of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (the psychoactive compound in cannabis). These types of designer drugs affect your mental health, causing anxiety, nausea, and vomiting. If taken for a longer time, it can lead to tremors, suicidal thoughts, and dilated pupils.


Flakka is a synthetic cathinones that has properties similar to MDMA, amphetamines, and cocaine. Some of the psychological effects of designer drugs are panic, seizures, paranoia, and even death due to overdose.


This drug is a stimulant, which accelerates the process of transferring messages between the body and brain. Mephedrone can lead to restless sleep, blurred vision, sweating, skin rashes, and chest pain.

Treatment Methods for Designer Drugs Addiction

Though taking the designer drug for a long time can lead to serious problems, treatment for designer drug addiction can help you regulate its effects.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Based on your condition, your doctor may recommend medication-assisted therapies. The experts may recommend detox procedures while recommending medicines to ease withdrawal symptoms and control cravings.

Pharmacological Treatments

The doctor may also plan for Pharmacological Treatments that reduce the risk of relapsing. Also, this treatment aims to control drug cravings.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment for Designer Drugs Addiction

Treatment for designer drugs also includes inpatient and outpatient treatment. VipVorobjev helps you choose the right option based on the level of your addiction.

Inpatient Treatment

In this treatment option, you need to stay in a hospital to receive different treatments. Inpatient treatment is ideal for people who need a supervised medical detox. Its results are also superior compared to outpatient treatment.

Outpatient Treatment

In this treatment, you can live at home, but you need to visit the hospital more than once every week for therapy.

Stages of Designer Drugs Addiction Treatment in VipVorobjev Clinic

At the VipVorobjev clinic, the designer drug addiction treatment starts by taking physiological and blood tests. Once our team understands the dangers of the designer drugs for you, we will outline a treatment plan.

During the designer drug addiction treatment, we ensure to stabilize your psychological state first. We also focus on treating the drug cravings and symptoms of depression. Patients struggling to sleep and eating excessive or fewer meals will also begin to resolve this problem.

Highly trained and experienced specialists also lead counseling sessions to reduce the risk of relapsing. We also offer medical assistance and therapies to control addiction and prevent relapse. Our qualified and skilled staff monitors the patient who opts for inpatient treatment and ensures to make them feel comfortable. If you choose outpatient treatment, the expert will design a plan to control your drug cravings in limited sessions.

At VipVorobjev, we help patients reduce withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety that often lead to relapse. Once you fully get control of yourself, our experts will also offer post-treatment support.

Effectiveness of Treatment for Designer Drugs Addiction

Overcoming a drug addiction is not easy. The sudden and drastic change in the consumption of a drug can increase cravings, making it harder to leave. So, it's important to get help to get rid of your drug addiction. VipVorobjev not only recommends its patients to slowly reduce the intake of a designer drug but also design a personalized plan for each patient.

VipVorobjev helps you resolve problems caused by your addiction that will help you recover quickly. Here are some things that will get better with time.

Relationship with spouse, parents, or peers
Learning abilities
Stress management power
Communication skills
Coping mechanism

Cost of Designer Drugs Addiction Treatment

The cost of treatment for drug addiction depends on the designer drug that caused led the addiction. Also, the length of the treatment and the patient's condition is also one important factors to consider. To find out more details on our treatment plans, call us or contact us through our website today.


At VipVorobjev, you can find qualified and experienced drug specialists. We have a team of experts who have experience working with different patients struggling with an addiction to designer drugs that help them understand your case. Due to having humble personalities, our experts will make you feel comfortable and support you in any possible way.

Patents and Certificates

VipVorobjev believes in resolving the problems of every individual addicted to drugs, an approach which won us the Rose of Paracelsus award.


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