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Bromazepam Addiction Treatment and Rehab Center

Bromazepam is a medication that is typically prescribed to patients with severe anxiety and panic disorders. Since the medication can help someone relax, health experts also recommend it to patients before an operation. Unlike other medications in the benzodiazepine family like Xanax, bromazepam isn't highly sedative. Unfortunately, if it is used recreationally or abused, the drug can be addictive.

This article sheds light on the effect and symptoms of bromazepam abuse. The article also unveils how bromazepam addiction is treated.


What is Bromazepam

Bromazepam is a benzodiazepine that offers short-term relief to severe agitation and tension. The drug reduces anxiety by lowing blood pressure and causing the nerves in the brain to produce a calming effect. Bromazepam may also be prescribed to people with sleeping disorders and insomnia, as it can also assist with sleep.

Indications for Use

Bromazepam is effective in addressing anxiety; doctors only recommend using the drug for seven days. Taking the medication for a longer period can lead to addiction and a potential overdose.Patients can take the medication for longer than seven days only when recommended by their doctor.

Bromazepam Analogs

Bromazepam is sold under brand names Lexaurin, Lexolan, Bromage, Lexaurin, Rekoinil, Lexilum, Somalium, Lectopam and Brazepam.

On the street, bromazepam is referred to as the following:

Chill pills
Sleeping pills
Totems poles

The Effects of Bromazepam Abuse

Abusing bromazepam will result in long and short-term consequences.

Short-Term Effects

Below are some short-term Bromazepam side effects:

Slowed reflexes
Blurred vision
Dry mouth
Mood swings
Mental confusion
Shallow breathing
Slurred speech
Loss of appetite
Memory issues
Vomiting and nausea

Long-Term Effects

The long-term abuse of Bromazepam may cause the following issues:

Cravings for the medication
Difficulty learning and remembering
Reduced processing speed
Increased risk of dementia

Symptoms and Signs of Bromazepam Abuse

Bromazepam is safe when it is used as prescribed; however, when it is abused or used recreationally, one may start to exhibit physical, behavioral, and psychological symptoms.

Physical Symptoms

Below are the physical symptoms associated with Bromazepam abuse:

Visual issues
Poor coordination
Difficulty breathing
Decreased libido
Delayed reflexes
Difficulty balancing
Slurred speech
Excessive sweating

Psychological Symptoms

Below are the psychological symptoms of Bromazepam abuse:

Mood swings
Memory issues
Reduced inhibitions
Decreased attention span

Behavioral Symptoms

Below are the behavioral symptoms of Bromazepam addiction:

A decline in productivity and performance in school or work
Severe withdrawal symptoms while off the drug
Attempting to get the medication through illegal means
Severe cravings for the medication
Taking a higher dose of the medication
Continuous usage of the medication, even when you know it is affecting your life negatively
Taking bromazepam with other substances

Bromazepam Treatment Options

Individuals who are addicted to bromazepam, or have tried quitting but weren’t able to, should seek medical help promptly.

Medical Treatment for Bromazepam Addiction

Health experts usually treat bromazepam addiction in stages. Below is an overview of these stages:

Patients will have to undergo a detox program to get the drug out of their system and overcome the withdrawal symptoms of the medication.
Since detox alone won't be able to help patients overcome the addiction, patients are required to get mental and behavioral therapy. Patients may also be required to join support groups.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment for Bromazepam Addiction

While inpatient and outpatient treatment are effective in treating bromazepam addition, inpatient treatment will likely have a better success rate. Treatment offers more support and comfort to overcome the addiction.

The only issue with inpatient treatment is that patients aren’t allowed to leave the rehabilitation facility during the treatment period.

Process and Stages of Bromazepam Addiction Treatment in VipVorobjev Clinic

As mentioned previously, Bromazepam addiction is treated in stages. Below is an overview of each stage of the treatment:

Diagnosis of Bromazepam Addiction

Before the administration of a treatment, our health care experts at VipVorobjev Clinic will run tests and ask questions to determine how dependent a patient is on the medication and understand the symptoms they are experiencing.

Bromazepam Detoxification Treatment

A patient will be given lower doses of the medication over a period of time. This process will help prevent severe withdrawal symptoms and help patients manage their cravings for bromazepam.

Mental Addiction Therapy

The goal of mental addiction therapy is to help patients create positive behaviors and address the underlying cause of their addiction.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is geared towards helping patients build better habits, address any mental issues they are facing, and build support systems.

Average Length of Bromazepam Treatment

The time frame of treatment is intertwined with factors such as the level of dependence on the medication and withdrawal symptoms. On average, the treatment may last for a couple of weeks or months.

Effectiveness of Treatment for Bromazepam Addiction

Bromazepam addiction treatment is effective and can help patients overcome their addiction to the medication for good.

Cost of Bromazepam Addiction Treatment

The cost of the treatment is determined by the treatment program (inpatient or outpatient) a patient chose. Even if you are on a tight budget, you may still be able to get the treatment you need to overcome your addiction at VipVorobjev Clinic. Our doctors can prepare a treatment plan that fits your budget.


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