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Ultra-rapid and Rapid Tramadol Detoxification

Tramadol is a drug under the class of opioid medications. It is a synthetic opioid and works by binding to certain locations around the body. Due to its strong analgesic effect, tramadol is usually prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. It also produces a feel-good effect on people who use it. These properties make tramadol likely to be abused. Tramadol is also a highly addictive drug, and it is a major cause of drug addiction, especially in young people.

There are various techniques used to detox tramadol and treat addiction. This article talks about rapid and ultra-rapid techniques.

Tramadol Detoxification

What is Tramadol Detoxification

Tramadol detoxification is the process of removing tramadol from the body. It is usually achieved by giving the individual a different drug. The drugs that can be used to detox tramadol include:

Weaker opioids like buprenorphine, which are similar to, but weaker than tramadol. They are used in regular detoxification.
Opioid antagonists like naltrexone that act by blocking the opioid receptors and are used in rapid and ultra-rapid detoxification.

Tramadol Detox Protocol

There are various protocols used to detox tramadol. They are the regular detox protocol, and the rapid and ultra-rapid tramadol detox protocol.

Rapid and Ultra-rapid Tramadol Detox

The tramadol rapid detox and ultra-rapid detoxification techniques involve the administration of opioid receptor blockers such as naltrexone. These receptor blockers help to detox tramadol from the body. Other drugs like sedatives or general anesthetic agents are also given to prevent the patient from experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The process usually takes a few hours.

Regular Tramadol Detox

Regular detoxification is a slow and gradual technique used to detox tramadol. This involves giving the individual weaker opioids like buprenorphine and methadone. It can be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Indications for the Procedure

Detoxing from tramadol can be done on anyone suffering from addiction to the drug. Before the detox procedure, the individual should confirm they are addicted to the drug.


There are virtually no contraindications to the procedure. Sometimes, the patient may have a reaction to certain agents used to detox tramadol. In such instances, alternative drugs are used instead.

Is it Safe to Detox at Home

For regular detoxification, if the addiction is severe, then it is not safe to detox from tramadol at home. In severe addictions, there are likely to be tramadol detox symptoms due to withdrawal from the drug. However, people with mild to moderate addictions can detox tramadol at home, using regular detoxification methods.

Rapid and ultra-rapid detoxification, on the other hand, should only be done at the medical facility.

Tramadol Detox Process

The process of tramadol addiction detox usually starts by confirming the presence of dependence and addiction. The steps in the process are:

Diagnosis of the addiction
The detox process itself
Preparing the patient for tramadol detoxification

Diagnosis of the Addiction

Even before you can detox tramadol, you would first have to confirm the presence of tramadol abuse, dependence, and addiction. Abuse can be confirmed by getting information from the patient about the drug dose used, and the presence of symptoms such as mood swings, drowsiness, and apathy.

Features of dependence and addiction include:

Taking an increased dose to achieve the same effect
Ignoring work, school, and home obligations
Withdrawal symptoms after trying to stop taking the drug

Preparing the Patient for Tramadol Detoxification

After diagnosis, the patient is prepared for the procedure. This is done by counseling them on the procedure and performing tests to ensure their fitness for the procedure to detox tramadol from their body systems.

The Detox Process

In the rapid and ultra-rapid detox process, the patient is given opioid blockers, speeding up the process used to detox tramadol.

In rapid detox, a sedative drug is also given that helps reduce the feeling of withdrawal symptoms. In ultra-rapid detox, a general anesthetic is used. This makes the patient unconscious so they don't feel any of the withdrawal symptoms throughout the process.

Tramadol Detox Time

Time taken to detox tramadol varies, depending on the technique used. Regular detoxification with daily medication can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Detoxing tramadol using the rapid and ultra-rapid methods only takes a few cycles, each one lasting a few hours.

Tramadol Detoxification Symptoms

When you detox tramadol using rapid or ultra-rapid detoxification techniques, there are very few to no withdrawal symptoms experienced. However, some of the detox symptoms from tramadol withdrawal that can be experienced include:


Benefits of Rapid Tramadol Detox

There are certain benefits of having a tramadol rapid detox. Some of these include:

Using this tramadol detox method comes with little or no withdrawal symptoms
Tramadol detox time is shorter when using a rapid detox
The detox has been shown to have a great long-term outcome

Addiction Treatment after the Detox Process

Addiction to the drug not only causes medical symptoms, but can also affect personal relationships, performance at work, cause psychological issues, and create behavioral problems. After the process to detox tramadol is complete, further therapy is given to rehabilitate the patient and prevent relapse. This includes:

Behavioral therapy to avoid people and situations that serve as triggers for drug use
Psychological therapy and group therapy
Social and occupational rehabilitation to restore work function and personal relationships

Patents and Certificates

VipVorobjev Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art and patient-friendly facilities. Our staff is also experienced professionals who deliver the best and most patient-friendly care. It is no surprise that our clinic is fully certified to detox tramadol and treat addiction to the drug.


At VipVorobjev Clinic, our doctors are fully-licensed professionals in the treatment of drug addictions. They are vastly experienced, especially in the treatment of tramadol addiction. If you choose us, you will receive top-quality care if you wish to detox tramadol.

The Cost of a Tramadol Detox

The cost of detoxification generally depends on the method used and the time taken.

Inpatient care usually costs more than outpatient care because patients would spend more time and have 24-hour surveillance.


Treatment at our clinic comes with total patient satisfaction. People who have had to detox tramadol at our clinic report favorable outcomes. We have also had positive reviews and recommendations from our satisfied patients. If you, or any person you know is addicted and wishes to receive treatment, then our facility is your best bet.

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