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Psychological Disorders Treatment

Psychological disorders are a major problem in this day and age. There is an increase in the number of cases of these disorders, resulting in various factors such as physical trauma and social problems. The rise in the number of users of hard drugs also plays a role.

It should be noted that statistics from research show that an estimated one out of four people will suffer from a mental health disorder in their lifetime. Hence it is important that light is shed on the causes and treatment of these conditions.

This article would give you information about the causes and treatments of psychological disorders.

Psychological Disorders Treatment

What is a Mental Health Disorder

A mental health disorder is an illness due to a disturbance in any sphere of life. It could be biological, chemical, physical, psychological, economic, or social. It manifests with specific behavioral or psychological phenomena while also impairing functioning.

Psychological or psychosocial methods are important in the treatment of these.

Types of Mental Health Disorders

There are different types of mental health disorders, most of which belong to a specific group. Others are more common in a specific occupation while others are unique to a particular culture. Examples are:

Anxiety disorders — more about them here
Burnout syndrome — more about it here
Depression — there’s more about it here
Eating disorders — more about them here
Obsessive-compulsive disorders — there’s more about them here
Panic disorders — there’s more about them here
Personality disorders — there’s more about them here
Phobias — there’s more about them here
Post-traumatic stress disorders — more about them here
Sexual addiction — there’s more about it here
Trauma — there’s more about it here

Since mental health covers the whole spectrum of well-being, there are more conditions not listed above.

Diagnosis of Mental Disorders

Treatment of psychological disorders and other forms of mental disorders begins with making a diagnosis.

The diagnosis of mental health disorders is made based on the symptoms of the person, and it manifests with specific behavior and sometimes psychological manifestations.

To give a more unique perspective, someone suffering from depression will show key symptoms such as loss of interest in pleasurable activities, reduced energy, and depressed mood. Other mental health disorders have specific manifestations that doctors and experts use to diagnose. The amount of impairment of functionality is used to diagnose how severe a condition is and how a doctor will choose to manage the condition.

For most psychological disorders, there are questionnaires, diagnostic scales and criteria for diagnosis. However, the patient's communication with the therapist is of utmost importance.

Methods of Treatment of Mental Disorders

Various types of treatments are available for psychological disorders. The management of mental disorders is unique in the sense that the treatment by a mental health expert is usually done in three spheres:

Medical treatment
Psychological therapy
Social rehabilitation

Psychological Treatment

This involves the use of therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

Psychological treatment is an important aspect of the treatment process as it helps to treat the condition and also helps in preventing relapse. Psychological therapy can help patients avoid the issues which caused their disorders from causing a future recurrence.

Social Rehabilitation

This involves the use of various methods to incorporate the individual back into the society. It is usually used for people whose relationships have been affected by their mental disorders. Social rehabilitation aims to restore these relationships between the patient and people in the society.

Medical Treatment

The treatment of serious psychological disorders with medications has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of curing these conditions. The medical management of mental health disorders involves the use of antipsychotics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, mood stabilizers, and other classes of drugs.

It is important to note that on average it takes at least 10 days for most of these drugs to take effect. A full hands-on approach may be required for severe cases until the drugs start working. Anyone being treated should also be educated about the side effects of these medications.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment

The management of someone with a mental illness could either be on an outpatient or inpatient basis. The main reasons why doctors decide to manage on an inpatient basis include:

The severity of the condition (if it's severe enough to impair functioning significantly)
The risk for self-harm and suicidality

When combined, these factors are used by doctors to determine how to manage a patient. Mental disorder treatment is done to return the patient back to society and improve their functioning. Outpatient management is encouraged and used except where it is necessary to manage in-house.

Patients with severe disorders and higher risks of self-harm would benefit more from 24-hour surveillance in inpatient treatment.

Prognosis for People with Mental Health Disorder in VipVorobjev Clinic

The prognosis of people with mental health disorders depends on various factors. These include:

How early they are diagnosed
Their functioning before the disorder started
The level of support they get
Follow-up treatment

Prognosis is generally better in people whose disorders were diagnosed early, people who didn't have severe impairment of function, and people who have good family and social support during and after treatment.

Treatment of mental problems is never complete without adequate follow-up in the clinic. Adequate follow-up helps to reduce the risk of relapse and gives the best prognosis.

Cost of Psychological Disorders Treatment

The cost of psychological disorders treatment at the VIPVorobjev Clinic starts at 5,500 €. Outpatient treatment is cheaper than inpatient treatment. The final price depends on the length of treatment and its complexity.


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