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Relaxation rooms

Functionally and modernly equipped gym

Addictive disorders and psychological disorders treatment clinic VIP Vorobjev is particularly focused on the complete rehabilitation of patients so within the facility we have built a gym that is ideally air-conditioned and equipped with modern devices of world-renowned manufacturers.

The gym is made according to the highest sports standards, and besides the cardio zone with a treadmill, a bike, and a Nordic treadmill, there is a weight bench, 5kg to 20kg weights and 1kg to 20kg dumbbells.

The gym also boasts a Technogym multi-station machine that will allow you to do various exercises and muscle groups.

The floor is made by the highest sports standards and the entire gym is in mirrors and additional accessories for successful training such as mats, leg weights, jumping ropes, various bars…

Living room and dining room

The living room and the dining room are located on the ground floor of VIP Vorobjev Clinic and cover 200 square meters. The living room is luxuriously furnished with leather furniture and a large LCD TV. In our living room used by patients for socializing and watching TV shows and movies, often during the winter we organize joint conversations and psychological treatments. The socialization and trust the patients gain during the treatment at our clinic are very important as they give them a lot of confidence at the moment they leave the clinic and continue a new life. The living room is surrounded by large windows letting the sun rays break through and illuminate the space, while at the same time it has access to the yard and pool.

The fully equipped kitchen is used for preparing various types of dishes in accordance with the requirements of our patients. We take special care of the diet if someone is a vegetarian or has a problem with diabetes. The dining room is used for meals and you will always find fresh fruits and sweets, as well as various drinks in the fridge. The living room space is air-conditioned so that you will be awaited by a comfortable temperature, whether on a cold winter day or a hot summer afternoon.

Pool and hot tub

The pool at VIP Vorobjev clinic is completely new and was opened for use in November 2018. In addition to providing our patients with a relaxing effect and refreshment during the summer warm days, it also enables them to exercise with the physiotherapist under the effect of hydrostatic pressure, upthrust, the surface tension of water that relax, improve movement and circulation, and increase the muscle power.

Relaxation power of water contributes to the creation of a very pleasant atmosphere during your stay at the clinic for treating addictive disorders and psychological disorders and the implementation of targeted treatment programs.

The pool and hot tub are particularly important in mental rehabilitation because diseases such as depression and anxiety are a direct consequence of stress.

Except for the many physical benefits brought by the pool and hot tub use, they play an important role in psychological as well as psychic, mental relaxation, improvement of the whole body well-being by bringing it into a natural psycho-physical balance.

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