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VIP treatment at Dr Vorobjev Rehab Clinic: Strong Support in Addictions

VIP treatment

At the Dr Vorobjev Clinic, we help patients to overcome debilitating addictions and to restore mental health in cases involving personality disorders, burnout and stress. We aim to re-establish harmony between the body and soul, even in the most neglected or severe cases.

The Clinic maintains a 79% success rate in terms of recovery and the prevention of possible breakdowns or relapses. To achieve this, we provide access to the world’s TOP-rated doctors and apply methods and medicines that were previously available to only a few.

For Whom Is This Treatment Intended?

Patients coming for VIP rehabilitation are famous people from all over the world: actors, politicians, athletes, public figures, top managers, and businessmen, as well as their loved ones. They receive VIP services, according to the principles of a one-patient clinic, and corresponding to the patient’s unique status and needs. This includes an individual room with increased comfort, as well as confidentiality, safety, and adaptability to the requirements of the patient.

What Is the Difference from the Standard Treatment?

VIP treatment at Dr Vorobjev rehabilitation center may involve:

Full support after treatment

What Issues Can Be Treated

The Clinic employs specialists for the treatment of addictive disorders, as well as mental and emotional issues. These include substance abuse (alcohol, drugs), sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, burnout and exhaustion, personality disorders, intrapersonal conflicts, relationship problems, phobias, gambling addiction, sexual problems, and the decline or loss of performance.

The human psyche is fragile, and no one is immune from falling into destructive patterns of behavior. However, with strong, expert support and an adaptive strategy, and with respect and discretion, recovery can be completed successfully and a patient can return to a normal, fully functional state.

Treatment Process

Firstly, a potential patient will be interviewed by the Clinic’s doctors and given a preliminary assessment of his or her case. Next, a treatment and rehabilitation plan will be drawn up. It will be discussed with the patient and his or her family and adapted to their needs and expectations. Here’s what the VIP treatment process looks like:

Initial consultation with doctors, in person or online, to identify and evaluate the health problem, and specify the anticipated results of treatment.
Diagnostic tests and preparation of a treatment program with a team of world-class medical experts.
Presentation of the treatment plan and expected results to the patient.
Execution of the treatment process. This involves performing the recommended procedures, providing the necessary drugs, and using diagnostics to monitor and control their effectiveness.
Evaluation of the result and recommendations for further mental health care.

After the treatment, the patient keeps in touch with the doctors for any necessary health advice and management of the improvements. This helps to control the health condition and maintain the results achieved.

Additional VIP-services

VIP treatment may also include the following services:

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providing full support of the patient, involving security, driver and interpreter, if required;

image Image

accommodation in a personal VIP residence with round-the-clock monitoring by the medical team;

image Image

meals on an individual menu, taking into account the doctor’s recommendations and/or the wishes of the patient;

image Image

strict anonymity and the preservation of confidentiality of all information.

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