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Marijuana Addiction Treatment and Rehab Center

Using illegal psychoactive substances has become an increasing issue for individuals globally. A recent UNODC World Drug Report indicates there are 275 million individuals using drugs globally. The report also suggests that over 36 million people suffer from drug-related disorders. Most drug users are addicted to marijuana as it is one of the most popular drugs.

Marijuana, weed, pot, and other names indicate the same drug originating from a cannabis plant. People using marijuana can eat, drink, smoke, or even vape it. The flexibility of marijuana use and its easy access after its legalization in the U.S. has increased the chances of addiction development.

However, the treatment of marijuana addiction is one of the most challenging elements for individuals using marijuana. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug impacting the mind and the body. It has various impacts on the body, making it difficult for marijuana users to overcome the habit.

In this article, we will talk about the symptoms, side effects, consequences, and treatment options for marijuana addiction. We will also discuss how our experts at VipVorobjev Clinic can help you.


Side Effects of Marijuana Use

Marijuana is one of the most potent drugs available on the market and can alter how our minds and bodies work.

When users think of marijuana addiction treatment options, they are already hooked to the drug and find it difficult because of drug withdrawal symptoms. Following are the most common side effects individuals using marijuana may experience:

Clinical depression
Heightened senses temporarily
Distorted sense of time
It Impacts motor skills negatively
Reduced inhibitions
Brain impairment
Breathing issues
Insomnia, etc.

Symptoms and Signs of Marijuana Use

Identifying a person using marijuana and providing professional assistance can reduce the need to look for the treatment of marijuana addiction. There's a chance early diagnosis can help individuals leave marijuana without marijuana addiction treatment options. Following are the signs of a person using marijuana to keep in mind:

Red eyes
Poor muscle coordination
Delayed reaction times
Increased appetite.
Shift in mood
Tense to relaxed

Consequences of Using Marijuana

Using marijuana could land users in serious trouble and have dire consequences. It is why treatment of marijuana addiction becomes a must for individuals using marijuana. Some of the most common results of using marijuana include:

Inability to track the passage of time
Increased appetite, called 'the munchies'
Increased heart rate
Lowered inhibitions
Nausea and vomiting
Stress relief
Altered perception of surroundings
Feeling faint
Heightened senses
Impaired judgment

Marijuana Treatment Options

Individuals addicted to the drug can choose various methods for the treatment of marijuana addiction. While some people claim the natural treatment for marijuana addiction can help, it's best to go down the clinical road. Let's talk about these medical treatment options for your reference ahead, and help you determine the best choices for you.

Medical Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

One of the most critical aspects of medical treatment of addiction is the psychological treatment for marijuana addiction. It includes counseling sessions in group therapy to help addicted individuals fight against their habits. The inpatient and outpatient treatment options are pretty standard, depending on the severity of the conditions.

Behavioral Therapy Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

Behavioral therapy for marijuana users is a popular treatment option where the users learn how to accept and target their addictions.

The behavioral therapy sessions usually last for three to six months, after which the therapist re-evaluates the client's progress. If the client overcomes their habit of marijuana use, the behavioral therapy sessions end.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

Inpatient treatment and outpatient treatments are both critical while overcoming marijuana addiction. Therefore, you should learn about both of them for a better understanding.

Inpatient Marijuana Treatment

Medical marijuana addiction treatment through inpatient treatment includes providing the individuals with treatments within the medical facilities. It is a great way to help addicted individuals find quick and reliable salvation from addiction. It may cost the patients more, but it is still worth it, considering the end results.

Outpatient Marijuana Treatment

Outpatient treatment for marijuana addiction focuses on providing in-house sessions. However, the outpatient sessions include a 10 to 12 hours visit to their designated rehab center to ensure overcoming their addictions. It is best for patients with mild addiction and those who do not need consistent monitoring.

Stages of Marijuana Addiction Treatment in VipVorobjev Clinic

VipVorobjev Clinic has a streamlined and effective method for marijuana addiction treatment. Here's a complete process in detail with all treatments involved. Have a look.

Diagnosis of Marijuana Addiction

The diagnosis is the step right after the induction of a person who needs marijuana addiction treatment. The diagnosis involves the client and the rehab experts performing a detailed review of the nature and severity of the addiction.

Our experts identify the reasons behind the addiction, its history, and all essential aspects of the case study. Once completed, the professionals can advance with the treatment process.

Marijuana Detoxification Treatment

The cost of treatment for marijuana addiction varies for addicts depending on various factors. It can differ based on age, addiction severity, duration of treatment, and recovery pace.

Average Length of Marijuana Treatment

The average length of marijuana treatment can stretch up to 12 months for some marijuana users. However, a range of subjective elements might change recovery time for other marijuana users. Individuals who are addicted to marijuana usage should consult with the professionals at VipVorobjev Clinic.

Effectiveness of Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

The marijuana addiction treatment option is an excellent way to overcome your substance abuse patterns. However, a study on "Preventing Youth Marijuana Use" claims the following factors may impact marijuana usage recovery:

Family substance use
Family routines and rituals
Family mental health
Friends' substance use
Friends' deviant behavior
Experiencing violence

Thus, individuals looking for marijuana addiction treatment should consult with the rehab center and re-assess their specific case.


All the doctors at VipVorobjev Clinic are certified and experienced with marijuana usage treatment. Our experts ensure complete client protection and confidentiality, making us the right rehab center for your addiction treatment.

Cost of Marijuana Addiction Treatment

The average marijuana detox treatment cost varies depending on the state of the patient and the duration of treatment. Clients should discuss their cases with our professionals and get transparent pricing and cost structure.

Patents and Certificates

VipVorobjev Clinic believes in resolving the problems of every individual looking for marijuana addiction treatment. That approach led us to win the prestigious Rose of Paracelsus award for great achievements in the medical field.


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