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Magnetic Field Therapy In Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment

What is Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic field therapy is the technology used to treat different illnesses. This procedure uses magnets of different sizes and strengths. The concept of magnetic field therapy is that every body cell has a small magnetic field. Whenever a disease occurs, it disturbs the natural magnetic fields., If we put magnets of different sizes around that body part, things will return to normal.

Magnetic Field Therapy

Types of Magnet Therapy and Their Uses

FDA has approved that magnetotherapy gives a non-invasive, safe, and easy treatment method without any adverse effects. There are three main types of magnet therapy:

Stationary and Static Magnetic Field Therapy

In this procedure, the magnetic field used is static and stationary. Like a static magnetic bracelet worn near the affected area, a magnet in the shoe sole near the damaged foot area, or a magnet in your mattress on which you sleep. All these forms have a static magnetic field.

Electrically Charged Magnetic Field Therapy

In this procedure, magnets are electrically charged. This delivers a pulsed magnetic field therapy and gives an electrical impulse to the affected area of the body. This is also called impulse magnetic field therapy.

Magnetic Field Used with Acupuncture Treatment

This treatment is focused on the same site an acupuncturist would focus on.

Indications for Magnetic Field Therapy

Natural magnetic field therapy treats a vast variety of diseases. Some of the indications for natural magnetic field therapy are:

Cramping muscles
Diabetic neuropathy
Muscle pain and neuropathy
Sciatica pain

How is the Magnetic Field Therapy Procedure Performed?

Our body cells have ions and molecules that generate their natural magnetic field. Whenever a disease or illness occurs, this natural magnetic field gets disturbed. Magnetic field therapy converts this disturbed magnetic field into a corrected natural magnetic field. This helps ions and molecules to work normally in a natural neutral environment.

Duration of the Procedure

The duration of the treatment depends upon the illness to be treated. Normally, the recommended time is 15-30 minutes/day for almost 14 weeks, but it can go as long as 10-15 hours a day for 1-2 months.

How to Prepare before the Procedure

Magnetic field therapy is a simple procedure and is usually performed by the patient itself. Certain precautions need to be taken before the procedure:

The procedure is contraindicated in pregnancy.
Do not use magnets in patients with a pacemaker, insulin pump, or metal implants.
Treatment is only approved for adult patients.

Recovery Time after Therapy

The procedure is well-tolerated and has no recovery period; you can immediately go about your daily activities.

The Effects of Magnetic Field Therapy

There are some good effects as well as some rare side effects of magnetic field therapy:

Good effects:
Relief of the pain
Helps in regeneration of the body cells
Cures the disease faster
Non-invasive procedure
Safe and efficient
Side effects:
Low energy mood

Biological Effects of Magnet Therapy on Regeneration

Magnetic therapy helps in curing the illness by helping to regenerate the body cells through the following processes:

Stimulates the metabolism of the cells
Increases the amount of oxygen available to cells
Neutralizes the harmful acidic environment in the body

With these factors, the body regenerates faster than normal, and the disease or pain is cured.

Potential Advantages of Magnetic Field Therapy: What Results Can Be Achieved in the Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The potential advantages of magnetic field therapy are:

Restoration of the natural magnetic field of the body cells
Regeneration of the body cells
Increases the amount of oxygen available to the cells
Pain control

Alcohol is a depressant and stimulates the brain’s craving for alcohol and other drugs. Magnetic field therapy uses the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) method to calm the areas of the brain that are involved in the craving for alcohol and other drugs by using powerful magnets around the brain. This helps the patient with detox treatment by reducing the cravings for the drugs and alcohol. Research shows that approximately 60-70% of patients with alcohol addiction benefit from transcranial magnetic stimulation during the rehabilitation process.

The Cost of Magnetic Field Therapy

The cost of one procedure at the VIP Vorobjev Clinic is 30 €. The number and frequency of procedures is determined by the attending physician.


VipVorobjev Clinic has the best and the most advanced techniques of magnetic field therapy that helps patients in addiction treatment. VipVorobjev has the best staff and facilities and the world's best doctors include:

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Patents and Certificates

VipVorobjev clinic is DAACC (Drug, Alcohol, and Addiction Counselor Certification) certified.


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