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Disulfiram Implants in the Treatment of Alcoholism

Among the effective and approved medication therapy used to treat alcoholism dependency is the Disulfiram implant. In the below guide, you will fully understand what disulfiram is, how it works, its possible side effects, and overall why it is worthy of alcoholism treatment.

Disulfiram Implants

What Are Disulfiram Implants and How Do They Work

Disulfiram implants are a type of implantation therapy conducted under a professional doctor’s supervision to support the treatment and breakage of chronic alcoholism addiction. Disulfiram implants are effective as they causes an unpleasant reaction if the patient drinks alcohol.

The implant alters how the patient's body breaks and eliminates alcohol from the blood system. In this case, this medication works by inhibiting the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, which is responsible for causing unpleasant side effects whenever someone drinks. High levels of this enzyme lead to hangover feelings, helping the patient stop drinking.

Indications for Disulfiram Implant Placement

The implant breaks alcohol addiction by interfering with the user's absorption and digestion of alcohol. This motivates the addicted user to discontinue alcohol use.

Disulfiram Implant Side Effects

Disulfiram implants bring some side effects when mixed with alcohol; however, these effects generally dissolve a few weeks after the implant procedure. Although the side effects tend to vary by individual, if you experience prolonged withdrawal symptoms, talk to your healthcare provider for help.

Physical Symptoms

Vomiting and nausea
Skin Rashes

Psychological Symptoms

Blurred vision

Behavioral Symptoms

Mild sleepiness
Sexual issues (erectile dysfunction)
Low appetite

Risks Associated with Disulfiram Implants

The disulfiram implant procedure is painless and provides immediate results; however, it is only recommended to be used under professional doctor precautions. Otherwise, in case of any contradictions, it can lead to the below risks:

Excessive tiredness
Blurred vision
Severe chest pain
Pounding or fast heartbeat
The yellowness of the eyes or skin
Dark urine

Preparing for the Disulfiram Implantation Procedure

Before the procedure, your healthcare provider will ask you questions and you may undergo some tests, such as a pregnancy exam.

Don’t take alcohol for 24-48 hours before the disulfiram procedure, or use alcohol-containing products, food, or medicines such as tonics, vinegar, mouthwashes, cough syrups, gargles, or sauces.

You will be informed about the possible disulfiram implant side effects and how the doctor will control them. The patient should sign a written consent before the procedure.

How Are Disulfiram Implants Administered

This procedure should only be done with the consent of a patient. Any disulfiram implant procedure should be carried out in a certified clinic by experts. Generally, this procedure is painless, well-tolerated, and takes only 20 minutes.

The disulfiram tablet is safely implanted under the patient’s skin, normally in the buttocks area. The surgeon will cut 5 mm of your skin to insert the tablet through an incision in the buttocks, back of the upper arm, or the lower abdomen.

The quantity of tablets/dosage varies on the patient's weight, level of addiction, and what the expert recommends after diagnosing the severity of alcoholism.

Disulfiram Implant — How Can it Help You?

This medical therapy helps to fight alcohol consumption urges. The implant causes adverse effects when the patient drinks alcohol, making it a successful deterrent, even for mild drinking.

Disulfiram and Alcohol Use Disorder

Breaking the chain of alcoholism can be difficult without effective medication. Disulfiram plays a significant role in breaking this habit. This implantation therapy motivates the patient to develop new, healthier ways of dealing with alcohol dependency.

Effectiveness of Alcohol Addiction Treatment With Disulfiram Implants

Based on the disulfiram implant manufacturer, this medication is tested and approved to quickly and positively act once in the patient's body. This is among the most widely accepted types of therapy when administered under physician supervision. The effectiveness will vary based on the alcoholism severity in each patient's system and the body's responses.

Disulfiram Implant Removal

The implant is removed when it expires. Removal is done quickly through a small incision under local anesthesia. Some implants do not need to be removed because they dissolve completely.

Does the FDA Approve Disulfiram Implants

Yes! It is among the oldest and most commonly used under the Food and Drug Administration. It is FDA-tested and proven to be an efficient and safe medication to treat alcoholism under doctor supervision.

The Cost of Disulfiram Implantation

The cost of an implant with placement is 150 €.


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