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Psychostimulant Addiction Treatment and Rehab Center

People have been using Psychostimulants for centuries in medicines and tonics to treat fatigue and various disorders. Caffeine, for instance, is one of the oldest Psychostimulants. The natives of Bolivia and Peru used cocaine as medicine. It is a crystalline alkaloid and a form of Psychostimulant to increase stamina.

Over time, the use of Psychostimulants became an addiction. The drug comprises a huge number of illicit and licit substances including amphetamine agents and cocaine. This article will explain everything you need to know about Psychostimulants addiction treatment and rehab center.

Psychostimulant Addiction

Psychostimulant Side Effects on the Brain and Body

Psychostimulants are used for treating hyperactivity disorder. They act on the dopaminergic system of the brain to promote cognitive enhancement and promote wakefulness. However, abusing stimulants can cause the following side effects on the brain and body.

Restlessness, agitation
Euphoria, increased alertness or insomnia
Anxiety panic attacks, irritability
Decreased appetite causing hypotension or hypovolemia
Psychosis, paranoia, hallucinations
Dilated pupils
Increased or more active respiratory rate
Cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, tachycardia, palpitations
Chest pain, myocardial infarction
Neurologic signs or stroke

Stimulant Addiction Symptoms

When people abuse stimulants for their effects like the euphoric high, it increases the risk of addiction. Here are a few common stimulant addiction signs you can spot in people with an overdose.

Loss of appetite
Weight loss
Deceptive behavior (stealing)
Using illicit drugs
Using stimulants without a prescription
Aggressive behavior
Impulsive behaviors
Rapid heartbeat
Elevated blood pressure
Racing thoughts

Types of Psychostimulant


Cocaine is one of the powerful stimulants previously used as local anesthesia for ears, eyes, and throat surgeries.


Ecstasy MDMA is an empathogen that is abused to improve mood and have an energizing effect.


Cocaine crack is another highly addictive stimulant that comes from powdered cocaine. It produces an instant high.


Amphetamine comes from alpha-methylphenethylamine. It is used as a central nervous system stimulant to treat ADHD, obesity, and narcolepsy.


Methamphetamine is a highly addictive and powerful stimulant that can affect the nervous system. It is used for treating ADHD.

Psychostimulant Addiction Treatment Methods

Medication-assisted Treatment for Psychostimulant Addiction

Stimulant addiction treatment through medicines improves the recovery chances when used along with evidence-based behavioral therapy.

Medication-assisted treatments for Psychostimulant addiction aren’t a replacement for therapy. However, it is a crucial aspect of the whole process. A therapist usually administers benzodiazepines including Ativan and Valium to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. The drugs only treat the side effects, not the addiction.

Pharmacological Treatments for Psychostimulant Addiction

Implementation of pharmacological treatments for Psychostimulant addiction has always been a challenge for medical professionals. No medication has been approved to treat methamphetamine or cocaine treatment addiction.

That is why most doctors rely on behavioral therapies and counseling and consider them an effective treatment for stimulant use disorders.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment for Psychostimulant Addiction

Outpatient and inpatient treatment for addiction to stimulants are the common programs to help people with substance abuse disorder. Here is what each stimulant's addiction treatment program entails.

Inpatient Treatment

An Inpatient recovery program is also called residential treatment. It requires patients to stay in a controlled environment to reduce addiction to Psychostimulants. Patients receive 24/7 emotional and medical support at an inpatient facility.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient drug treatment is relatively less restrictive compared to an inpatient facility. This program generally requires 10 to 12 hours a week to offer treatment at the drug rehab center. If you have a mild addiction to stimulants, outpatient drug rehab is a better standalone option for you. It may last up to 12 months and can be a long-term treatment.

Stages of Psychostimulant Addiction treatment in VipVorobjev clinic

At VipVorobjev clinic, we understand that addictive disorders can ruin the lives of people to an extent that they may take a long time to get back to their normal life. The well-furnished treatment rehab starts with medically assisted detox.

The highly trained addiction specialists monitor the patients for vital signs of the drugs in their system. They offer counseling sessions, and group therapies to help an addicted individual overcome the cravings and prevent relapse. Ongoing medical care is a part of every stage to protect the patients against relapse.

If patients opt for outpatient treatment for stimulant addiction, they need to visit the facility for mental and physical checkups during detox. The drug specialist at the VipVorobjev clinic administers medication at the facility to ease withdrawal symptoms such as increased heart rate, depression, and anxiety.

Effectiveness of Treatment for Psychostimulant Addiction

Quitting drugs whether it is cocaine, crack, or Amphetamine is a difficult process. The harsh withdrawal symptoms can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Therefore, you need to seek the assistance of drug specialists such as VipVorobjev clinic to break this vicious cycle.

VipVorobjev clinic offers effective inpatient and outpatient treatment for stimulant use disorder to help addicted individuals overcome the addiction. The rehab can provide:

Education about the addiction disorder
Coping skills for relapse prevention, anxiety, trauma, depression, and struggles
Stress management
Communication skills
Help rebuild and restore relationships

Cost of Psychostimulant Addiction Treatment

Generally, the cost depends on the length and type of treatment you take for your Psychostimulant addiction treatment. If you opt for inpatient treatment, the cost is usually greater compared to outpatient programs. However, inpatient treatment is considered a much safer and more effective option. Call us today to find out what the cost would be in your specific case.


VipVorobjev clinic works with highly qualified drug specialists. They have a wealth of experience in dealing with a variety of addiction treatments. Our drug addiction specialists help patients overcome stimulant addiction through customized detox treatment plans.

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