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Ultra-Rapid and Rapid Heroin Detoxification

Heroin usually comes in the form of a black or white powder. It is an opioid drug that is made out of a natural painkiller called morphine. Because of the euphoric effects that heroin has on its consumers, it is commonly abused in many parts of the world.

When people continue to abuse heroin, it becomes very hard to stop, even when there is an honest intention to do so. This is due to its highly addictive nature.

If an addict suddenly stops taking heroin, it can cause severe withdrawal symptoms, which is why experts have encouraged heroin detoxification. Despite being a traditional process, detox is quite slow and uncomfortable for many people. Ultra-rapid and rapid heroin detoxification has been recommended as a safer, faster, and more comfortable method of withdrawal.

Heroin Detoxification

What is Heroin Detoxification

Heroin detoxification is the traditional form of treatment for people who are addicted to heroin. This process is medically supervised so that a heroin user will not feel the full weight of the withdrawal symptoms as they slowly but surely stop taking the drug.

Heroin detox programs are very helpful to people who want to get over their addiction. In most of these programs, a health care provider provides treatment that will lessen effects of the withdrawal.

Heroin Detox Protocol

After searching for a heroin detox center, people go through a process that begins with advice to keep them calm and provide confidence in heroin detoxification.

Next, a diagnostic process is done to know the extent of a person’s addiction. The result of this test will determine if and how a user can go through the heroin detox treatment successfully. If there is a need for any medication to help manage the withdrawal symptoms, it will be provided.

Indications for the Procedure

Heroin detox procedure is indicated for addicts who go through serious physical and mental changes whenever they try to quit heroin.

Rapid and Ultra-Rapid Heroin Detoxification Techniques

Heroin rapid detox process follows the same procedure as that of the ultra-rapid detoxification technique. The only difference between the two, besides the way anesthesia is used, is the time it takes for each procedure to be completed.

For rapid heroin detox, a patient will be given special medication that will hasten the initial detoxification stage as well as the following stages. The patient will also receive heroin detox medications that will help to control the withdrawal symptoms expected to occur.

For ultra-rapid heroin detox, the patient will need to be sedated for 6-8 hours. After that, an opioid blocker is administered to the patient; this will force the body to undergo detoxification. After the time elapses, the patient wakes up from sedation without having withdrawal symptoms.


Detoxification is not performed on patients in an extremely serious condition, such as showing signs of organ failure. The question about detoxification should be reopened after the patient's condition has stabilized.

Heroin Detox Process

Normally, the withdrawal symptoms will be more intense in patients that have been using heroin for a longer period of time. The clinician will use withdrawal and intoxication measures as a guide to ensure appropriate medication.

No matter the detoxification strategy chosen, the aim remains to attain control over the heroin withdrawal symptoms, as dose reductions will be made in a gradual manner.

For heroin detoxification, these two medications are used:


This is a newer medication for heroin detoxification, and it has been approved by the FDA. It is the preferred option for people who are more likely to experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

Due to the nature of this medication, it is only introduced after a patient has started to experience withdrawal symptoms. Dosage is constantly monitored, especially in patients that have underlying health conditions.


This is the most common medication used for detoxification and it is approved by the FDA. Methadone relieves the cravings as well as the withdrawal symptoms of stopping heroin.

Methadone is highly regulated, and the dosage is adjusted according to a patient’s reaction to the medication. This includes controlled symptoms and any side effects.

Preparing the Patient for Heroin Detoxification

A physician may schedule an appointment and ask questions such as:

Have you had any form of treatment before?
How often do you take heroin?
Are you using any other drug?

When a patient answers these and other personal questions, doctors can use the information to prepare them for heroin detoxification, according to a specified heroin detox timeline.

Is it Safe to Detox at Home

Even if there is a chance of success, detoxing from heroin at home is highly discouraged. This is because medications have to be regulated by experts in order to avoid overdosing and side effects.

Without medication, the physical and mental effects of detoxing can be severe; it is not safe to detox at home.

Heroin Detox Time

Heroin detoxification does not usually exceed two weeks. Since different patients have different levels of exposure to heroin, the heroin detox time could be shorter or longer than that.

Heroin Detoxification Symptoms

Here are the common symptoms of heroin detoxification:

Unintended leg movements
Cold flashes and sweating
Insomnia and restlessness
Bone pain
Diarrhea and vomiting

Benefits of Rapid Heroin Detox

This method has a lot of benefits, some of which include:

Faster detoxification
The ease and speed encourages people
Other treatments can take place sooner
Reduced or zero withdrawal symptoms
The process is always closely monitored by experts

Addiction Treatment after the Detox Process

After detox, follow-up treatment is necessary to complete the process and avoid a relapse. Through medication assisted treatment, behavioral therapy, and other inpatient/outpatient options, you will get the complete help you need to overcome the addiction.

The Cost of a Heroin Detox

The cost of heroin detoxification depends on the seriousness of a patient’s case. But it usually starts at 2,700 €.


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