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Valium Addiction And Rehab Center

What is Valium

Valium (Diazepam) is a drug used to calm the central nervous system in states of anxiety. Valium belongs to a drug family called benzodiazepines and is available worldwide. The drug can be taken through mouth, rectum, intramuscular, or intravenous injections. Always consult a doctor before taking valium because it can cause addiction; sudden stopping of the drug can also cause valium addiction withdrawal symptoms.

Valium Addiction

Indications for Use of Valium

Valium is an anxiolytic that helps the person with anxiety. Some of the indications for valium use are:

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome
Muscle spasms
Before a major surgery
Panic attacks
Agitation states
Cocaine or methamphetamine overdose

The Effects of Valium Abuse

Valium is a very useful medicine if used under limits, but valium abuse can cause valium dependence and side effects. Here are the mental and physical side effects of Valium:

Mental Effects

Constant drowsiness
Severe anxiety

Physical Effects

Stomach disorders
Bloody stools
Sleeping issues
Trouble breathing
Muscle incoordination
Blurred vision
Speech problems
Urination problems

Symptoms and Signs of Valium Use

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of Valium addiction:

Dry mouth
GIT problems such as constipation
Heart rate increases
Short-term memory loss
Drop in blood pressure
Difficulty in breathing and respiratory depression

Immediately consult your nearest doctor if these symptoms are not going away.

Valium Addiction Treatment Options

Addiction is a worldwide problem affecting millions of lives per year. There is no cure for addiction, but it is managed with different integrated approaches in rehab centers, such as the ones used at the VipVorobjev Clinic.

Valium is a benzodiazepine that releases GABA neurotransmitters in the brain, relaxing the brain. After one month, the brain gets Valium dependent due in which the brain needs a continuous supply of the drug. If the brain doesn’t receive enough Valium, the patient will go through withdrawal symptoms. To help the patient, doctors will prescribe a slow withdrawal of Valium that gives sufficient time for a person’s brain to adapt to changes and signs of valium addiction.Detox from valium is also prescribed by a psychiatrist during regular sessions. Valium addiction treatment can be achieved by an integrated multi-professional team in an inpatient or outpatient rehab clinic, along with medical detoxification, which helps relieve symptoms of Valium addiction.

Medical Treatment for Valium Addiction

Medical treatment for Valium addiction includes detoxification, adding some other medications into the system, and slow withdrawal of Valium to avoid Valium addiction withdrawal symptoms. Other drugs included are:

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
Muscle relaxants such as baclofen

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment for Valium Addiction

Treatments that are given in inpatient or outpatient departments are based on the graveness of the addiction. These psychiatric treatments are used to control Valium side effects and Valium dependence. Treatment plans include:

Dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT)
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Family therapy
Personal development therapy
Supportive therapy
Psychological therapy
Outpatient Valium Addiction Treatment Inpatient Valium Addiction Treatment
The patient is not admitted to the rehab center.The patient must be admitted to the rehab center.
The patient needs to be in the rehab center from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.The patient needs to be under surveillance 24-hours a day.
The patient can go home after 2 p.m.The patient can’t go home till the procedure ends.
The patient can carry out daily tasks.The patient is concentrating on the treatment rather than completing daily tasks.
The patient feels freedom which helps him/her psychologically.The patient rehab success rates are higher.
The patient can meet good friends.The patient can stay away from bad friends/influences.
The patient can meet his/her family.The patient can avoid family troubles that increase anxiety.
Family therapy and social therapy helps patient grow psychologically.The patients can completely focus on their treatments.
Cost of therapy is low.Cost of the treatment is higher, but the patient gets 24-hour doctor surveillance.
The patient can earn money and pay the cost of treatment.The patient receives guidance from the doctor about the jobs that are suitable to his/her temperament.

Process and Stages of Valium Addiction Treatment in VipVorobjev Clinic

VipVorobjev Clinic is the best and most effective Valium addiction treatment center in the world. We help our patients get out of the vicious cycle with our great staff, facilities, and incredibly effective treatment methods. The stages of our program as are follows:

History of the patient
We discuss the history of the patient to learn about the duration of the addiction and factors that caused the addiction.
Blood tests and toxicology report
A blood sample is taken and sent to VipVorobjev Clinic laboratories for a toxicology report.
Diagnosis of Valium addiction
Diagnosis of Valium addiction is made according to the history given and toxicology report of the patient.
Valium detoxification treatment
Valium detox treatment is given in the world’s best rehab clinic, the VipVorobjev Clinic.
Cognitive behavioral therapy
CBT helps the patient understand the severity of the disease and adds positive thoughts to the mind of that person.
Dialectic behavioral therapy
Dialectic behavioral therapy is a subcategory of CBT.
This gives the patient physical strength to handle the detox treatment.
Mental addiction therapy sessions
This gives the patient mental strength to face the withdrawal symptoms.
Family therapy
The family gives moral support to the patient.
Group therapy
Group therapy sessions are conducted in the VipVorobjev Clinic to help patients with communication skills.
Psychiatric sessions
Post-treatment support and follow-up
After treatment, VipVorobjev Clinic gives its patients post-treatment support to help patients in the future.

Average Length of Valium Treatment

A patient should understand that there is no fixed duration for Valium addiction treatment. It totally depends on the patient’s willpower to fight the cravings, the time duration of addiction, and disease progression.

Effectiveness of Treatment for Valium Addiction

The effectiveness of treatment for Valium addiction depends on criteria that are followed worldwide. The criteria include the following points:

Need for Valium is reduced with time.
Health of the person improves over with time.
Social functions of the person are developing better.
Risk to the surrounding people from an addicted person is reduced.

If the criteria are improving in the patient, the treatment for the addiction is working properly.

Cost of Valium Addiction Treatment

Valium users can take advantage of treatments at different costs, depending on the level of disease. The cost will change with the length of the treatment; if the patient stays longer, the price will increase.


VipVorobjev Clinic has the best doctors not only from Russia, Serbia, and all around the world. They give multi-professional care to the patient which helps the patient come out of the vicious cycle of addiction.

Doctors include:

Intensive care physicians
Occupational therapists

Patents and Certificates

With the best facilities and recognized addiction specialists, VipVorobjev is a DAAC (Drug, Alcohol, & Addiction Counselor Certification) accredited clinic that will provide you with the most efficient care to help you break the vicious valium addiction cycle.


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