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Ultra-rapid and Rapid Marijuana Detoxification

The use of marijuana is becoming more common, especially among young people because it is readily available and easy to obtain. The change in the laws around marijuana use has also contributed to this.

While some are looking to benefit from the medicinal properties of marijuana, others want to get it out of their body as quickly as possible. Reasons can include needing to pass a drug test or wanting to return to their old life before addiction.

This article will shed light on the marijuana detoxification process and the main marijuana detoxification methods.

Marijuana Detoxification

What is Marijuana Detoxification

When marijuana is consumed, it leaves a chemical remnant known as cannabinoids in the body. This chemical can be detected in the urine, fingernail, saliva, blood, and hair. Without detox, marijuana will remain in the body for months.

The marijuana detoxification program can help get every trace of the drug out of your body. People who are hooked on marijuana will benefit the most from the marijuana detoxification program. The program can reduce their withdrawal symptoms while eradicating the drug from their body.

Marijuana Detox Protocol

Detoxification from marijuana is important if one wants to get the drug out of their body for good. Marijuana detox systems can help make the withdrawal process as seamless as possible. Below is a breakdown of the marijuana detox program:

Diagnosis — a patient will be asked questions about their symptoms and how long they have been using marijuana.

Tapering off — smaller and smaller dosages of the drug will be administered to a patient until every trace of it is out of their system.

Therapy — after the detox, therapy may be recommended to help patients build systems that will prevent them from going back to marijuana.

Indications for the Procedure

The procedure is indicated for patients who are addicted to marijuana. Detoxification is performed to cleanse the body of the drug without withdrawal syndrome.


Detox from marijuana should be postponed if the patient is in a serious physical or mental condition, or if there is severe internal organ failure. Detox should be revisited after the patient's condition has stabilized.

Rapid and Ultra-Rapid Marijuana Detoxification Techniques

Rapid and ultra-rapid marijuana detox is an option if you want to pass a drug test or remove the drug out of your system quickly. Here is an overview of each technique:

Rapid detox — a patient is given a drug to speed up the marijuana detox. Medications that can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms may also be administered.

Ultra-rapid detox — during this procedure, a patient will first be sedated with anesthesia. By the time the patient wakes up, most of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with the withdrawal process will have passed.

Preparing the Patient for Marijuana Detoxification

Below is an overview of how patients are prepared for marijuana detox cleansers in a rehab center:

Patients are provided with something healthy to eat hours before the detox.
Several tests and a physical exam is completed.
The detox process is initiated.
The patient’s condition will be closely monitored.

Is it Safe to Detox at Home

While there are marijuana detoxification kits available for purchase, health experts don’t recommend using them. Below are some reasons why a home marijuana detox kit isn’t recommended:

You won’t have any support
Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms
High risk of relapse

Marijuana Detox Time

The intensity of one’s addiction to marijuana usually determines how long the treatment will last. On average, the treatment may last for two weeks.

Marijuana Detoxification Symptoms

Below are some symptoms associated with marijuana detox:

Cravings for the drug
Difficulty concentrating
Trouble sleeping

Benefits of Rapid Marijuana Detox

Below are some of the perks of rapid marijuana detox:

You won’t experience the pain associated with withdrawal.
The procedure is quick and effective.
You will enjoy the thrill of waking up clean and free from any trace of the medication.

Addiction Treatment after the Detox Process

After detox, your healthcare practitioner may recommend therapy. Therapy can help address the social, psychological, and behavioral damages caused by the use of marijuana.

The Cost of a Marijuana Detox

The severity of a patient’s addiction to marijuana and the type of treatment recommended by doctors usually determines the cost of the treatment. A standard detox process costs from 2,700 €.


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