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Sex Addiction: Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Sex addiction is a situation where a person cannot control the sexual urges that they have. Though such urges are completely natural, it becomes a serious problem when slavery to sexual impulses affect someone in a negative way.

Just like the abuse of drugs, it has become noticeable that a lack of control and excessive sexual behaviors can lead to chemical addiction. Which is why sex and love addiction treatment has become a necessity.

Symptoms of sex addiction

What is Sex Addiction

When a person has sexual addiction, they will start showing a mandatory need to have their stimulations and desires fulfiled.

This desire is so strong that more often than not, it disrupts their daily activities and they may even go through extreme lengths to exercise their urges, even if they harm themselves and other people in the process.

With sex and love addiction treatments, this excesive need can be curtailed, and a sex addict can regain control of their life.

Can Sex be an Addiction

Since sexual urges are natural, many people wonder if and how it can become an addiction. But drug addicts have confessed that the ecstasy they feel after getting high is similar to the same feeling of an orgasm.

This goes a long way to explain the addictive nature of sex, so naturally, it can be an addiction just like drugs. For this reason, different sex addiction treatment methods are used to help a patient get over hypersexuality.

Types of Sex Addiction

By knowing the different types of sex addition, a patient will be more consenting to sex and love addiction treatment. They are:

Pyschological sex addition — closely associated with abandonment and child abuse.

Biological sex addiction — linked to pornography and excesive masturbation.

Spirital sex addiction — linked to a spiritual gap filled by sex.

Mood disorder sex addiction — linked to a chemical imbalance compensated with sexual activities.

Trauma based sex addiction — linked to a past experience of sexual abuse.

Diagnosis of Sex Addiction

The diagnosis and treatment of sex addiction is carried out by a qualified healthcare professional.

To start the process of diagnosis, the patient will need to answer questions about their family, childhood experiences, the use of drugs, the urges that are difficult to control, and the problems they have encountered as a result of this addiction.

After the questions are answered,, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is used to determine diagnosis.

Causes of Sex Addiction

There are many factors that can lead to sexual addiction; however, childhood trauma and other forms of abuse are the leading causes sex addiction.

Risk Factors

Too much exposure to sexual content
A poor relationship with a romantic partner
The use of drugs and alcohol
A background of sexual abuse
Anxiety and depression

Symptoms and Signs of Sex Addiction

Psychological Symptoms

The feeling of shame and depression
Getting lost in your imaginations
Inability to control the amount of resources spent on sexual activities

Behavioral Symptoms

Cheating on your partner
Dismissing the risks of sexual recklessness
Trading anything (no matter how important, costly, or sensitive) for sex

Physical Symptoms

Loss of sexual functionality
Dependence on drugs and alcohol for sex

Treatment Options for Sex Addiction

Medical Treatment

In the medical treatment of sex addiction, antidepressants and other medications are adminitered in order to help a patient control their libido, without affecting their natural sexuality levels.


Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is used to help a patient feel encouraged and find the real source of their problem and the solutions. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is used to help a patient understand their triggers and know the right ways to control them.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment

Inpatient sex addiction treatment is prescribed due to the exhibition of extreme symptoms, or any reason the medical professional sees fit.

With outpatient treatment for sex addiction, a patient will not be required to stay overnight; they can return home after treatment.

Process and Stages of Sex Addiction Treatment in VipVorobjev Clinic

VIP Vorobjev is one of the best sex addiction treatment centers available. With our effective methods, you can get the best treatment.

Treatment begins with a diagnosis of the problem by qualified specialists at the center. Then, the type of treatment is determined, (outpatient or inpatient) and a therapy plan is developed. After the course of treatment, aftercare programs are recommended to prevent relapses.

Female Sex Addiction Treatment

Women are given special attention with respect to the unique ways that sex addiction affects them. Our methods involve customized treatments that will have long-term benefits.

Male Sex Addiction Treatment

Men will receive treatments from professionals that understand their nature and will use the safest and most effective processes to give you back control of your urges.

Average Duration of Sex Addiction Treatment

To prevent relapses, sex addiction treatment is a continuous process. You can start seeing results in a matter of weeks, treatment can go on for years, depending on the level of addiction.

Effectiveness of Sex Addiction Treatment

After examning the patient to understand their level of sex addiction, the right method of treatment can be administered. The effectiveness of a treatment process depends on what a patient needs.

This is why some sex addicts need to be admitted and given closely-monitored treatment, while others just need to visit occasionaly and still get the same level of effectiveness.

Cost of Sex Addiction Treatment

Different treatment methods carry their own financial costs. Those who need to be admitted will have to pay more for the special care. The cost of treatment starts at 5,500 €.

Patents and Certificates

We are approved by different boards, including the DAACC (Drug, Alcohol, and Addiction Counselor Certification) and CSAT (Patrick Carnes Sex Addiction Treatment Center).


The Doctors at VIPVorobjev are highly qualified. With their years of experience and understanding human nature, you will get the best form of care.


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