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Esperal Implants in the Treatment of Alcoholism

Over 107 million people globally have alcohol use disorder. Alcohol abuse can cause severe damage to our physical and mental health. Esperal implant is one of the best ways to treat alcoholism. Many clinical trials have shown how effective Esperal implants are and how they can help patients stop drinking. After getting the implant, doctors may still recommend psychotherapy, counseling support, and behavior modification.

In this article, we are going to be taking a close look at how Esperal implants work, their side effects, how much they cost, and a few other important details about the procedure.

Esperal implants

What are Esperal Implants and How Do They Work

Esperal implants work by making one experience the effects of a hangover 5-10 minutes after drinking alcohol. These uncomfortable effects may last for 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Keep in mind that the discomfort that is experienced isn’t life-threatening and won’t affect the body negatively.

Presently, there is an Esperal drug that can make patients experience hangover symptoms shortly after drinking alcohol. Doctors don’t usually recommend them because an alcohol addict can choose not to consume these pills so that they don’t experience discomfort. An Esperal implant for alcohol addiction is a better option.

Indications for the Esperal Implant Placement

Esperal implants are part of the treatment program for alcohol-dependent patients. While an Esperal implant isn’t a cure for alcoholism, it can help prevent patients from drinking.

The implant contains concentrated disulfiram and is usually inserted under the scapula, on the abdomen, or the buttock.

Esperal Implant Side Effects

Physical Symptoms

Below are some physical Esperal implant side effects:

Garlic or Metallic taste in the mouth
Shortness of breath
Involuntary urination
Fatigue and drowsiness
Skin reaction
Impaired liver function
Low libido
Liver toxicity
Nerve inflammation

Psychological Symptoms

Lowered mood

Behavioral Symptoms

Loss of appetite

Risks Associated with Esperal Implants

Esperal implants are effective, especially when it comes to helping patients overcome their dependency on alcohol. It is worth noting that Esperal implants aren’t risk-free. Below are some issues that may arise after getting Esperal implants:

Respiratory depression
Heart attack
Cardiovascular collapse
Acute congestive heart failure

Preparing for the Esperal Implantation Procedure

To ensure that you have a good experience during and after an Esperal implant procedure, your doctor may direct you to do the following:

You should not consume any food and drink that contains alcohol, You should also avoid mouthwash, cough medicine, desserts, and cooking wine that contains alcohol.
Don’t take tuberculosis medications and phenytoin.

Your doctor may not recommend the procedure for you if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, and a history of heart attacks.

How Are Esperal Implants Administered

Below is a breakdown of how Esperal implants are administered:

1. You will be taken to the room where the procedure will be performed.

2. Local anesthesia will be administered.

3. The surgeon will carefully cut 7mm to 10mm of your skin.

4. The implants will be inserted (The number of implants that are used depends on the weight of the patient).

5. The skin will be closed with one to two stitches.

Esperal Implant — How Can It Help You

As previously mentioned, Esperal implants don’t cure alcoholism. The implants are part of the treatment plan for patients who are addicted to alcohol. After the procedure is done, patients will experience the symptoms of a hangover as soon as they consume alcohol. This forms a persistent rejection of alcohol, which is then reinforced by behavioral therapy.

Effectiveness of Addiction Treatment With Esperal Implants

Most Esperal implant manufacturers usually buttress just how effective their implants are. If the implant procedure is properly done, one may continue to experience its effects after just a few hours and for the length of time the implant is in effect. This explains why Esperal implant reviews are usually positive.

Esperal and Alcohol Use Disorder

Esperal implants are one of the effective treatments for patients who have alcohol use disorder. The undesirable effects that patients experience when they drink alcohol may deter them from drinking in the future.

Esperal Implant Removal

Espiral implants can be removed if a complication arises after the procedure. The removal process is pretty straightforward. Here is how the implants are removed:

A surgeon will first administer local anesthesia.

A cut will be made in the area where the implants are.

The implants will be carefully removed and the area will be closed.

Does the FDA Approve Esperal Implants

The FDA approved Esperal implants for the treatment of alcoholism in 1951. The fact that the procedure is approved by the FDA shows that it is safe.

The Cost of Esperal Implantation

The cost of Esperal implantation in the VipVorobjev Clinic is 150 €.


Our experienced doctors can address the needs of patients before, during, and after the procedure. Our addiction specialists are skilled in implant recommendation and placement, as well as in post-implant care.

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