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Treating addiction

VIP Dr Vorobjev, a clinic for the treatment of addiction disorders (drugs, gambling, alcoholism …) has been successfully dealing with this problem unfortunately spreading in all social strata for more than 20 years.


Psychological disorders

The frequency of psychological disorders (depression, anxiety, neurosis, psychosis …) in today’s society is high and significantly affects the quality of life of a man but also his family.


Complete rehabilitation

Rehabilitation at our clinic helps our patients recover in a superb environment through an intensive personalized program that combines medical treatment and psychotherapy.


Individual approach, anonymity and maximum comfort

VIP Vorobjev clinic provides you with maximum discretion during the treatment and an individual treatment approach during which you will be aided by a team of top world-renowned experts (psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, occupational therapists…). Your stay at our clinic will be comfortable at the most as all of our rooms are equipped with top-quality furniture and have TV, Wi-Fi and air conditioning to bring you full comfort. Also, the rooms are spacious so you have the opportunity to bring a close person to be with you during the treatment process.

Your safety is ensured by a 24-hour security service and you may relax in a pool, hot tub and fully equipped gym. We prepare food at your request from high-quality organic products. It is our pleasure to transfer you from the airport to the clinic and back and we will do it for you free of charge.

treatment of addiction and psychological problems

VIP Dr Vorobjev - About us

Addictive disorders and psychological disorders ruin man’s life to such an extent that the patient needs as many as several months to successfully get his life back on track. That is why the clinic for addictive and psychological disorders VIP Dr Vorobjev built a representative facility in which, besides being treated for addictive disorders, patients can be rehabilitated and start a new and healthier life with different views.

In addition to the Serbian and Russian doctors, VIP Dr Vorobjev Clinic also boasts top-level renowned experts. Our team includes psychiatrists, neurologists, addictologists, intensive care physicians, hepatologists.

  • Diagnostics: Important Stage of Treatment

    Through specialist diagnostics, our doctors assess the degree of addiction, as well as the extent of its effects and personality disorders in patients. Through interviews, we motivate patients to turn to the treatment and the better side of life and, after thorough consultations with the closest relatives of the patient, together we create a strategy for their returning to a normal life.

  • Detoxification: Methods To Cleanse Your Body

    At VIP Dr Vorobjev Clinic, the detoxification process is carried out painlessly (especially heroin detox), and the individual needs of patients are a priority for us. In detoxification, during the first 24 hours, the patient is under the constant supervision of our intensive care specialists. VIP Dr Vorobjev Clinic is equipped according to ICU standards (system for monitoring vital functions, oxygen therapy and respirators, automated drug delivery devices, laboratory).

  • All You Need to Know About Mental Addiction Therapy

    Drugs are the cause of major disorders in neurochemical processes for emotion regulation. After detoxification, patients often experience various mood swings, depression, sleep disorders, uncontrolled thoughts, and drug craving. Ibogaine therapy is a powerful treatment that helps the patient recognize his mistakes and return to a natural and normal life. Ibogaine greatly helps in cases where methadone, family, or psychologists yielded no effective results.

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapies we use at VIP Dr Vorobjev Clinic are physical methods aimed at improving, maintaining and establishing health and functioning of people with different needs and problems caused by addiction disorders or inactivity due to psychological disorders. Our physiotherapists apply an appropriate body of knowledge and skills, communicate and show tolerance to each patient individually.

  • Post-treatment support

    Psychological monitoring of patients and the help we provide after their leaving the clinic is very important because of the specific individual psychological reaction to entering an environment new to them. The goals of psychological support are directed at continuously helping our patients and building confidence and respect, giving encouragement and morale-boosting for a healthy and normal life.

  • Psychotherapy: Counseling for Addictions

    An expert team of psychiatrists and psychologists develops various psychological and social (psychosocial) strategies for treatment, each offering a different level and type of support to people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Treatments are often mixed and tailored to suit individual needs so that excellent results could be reached rapidly in the most effective way.

Treating psychological disorders

A modern lifestyle filled with problems and stress may lead to human body developing milder and more severe psychological as well as somatic disorders. These include various forms of anxiety disorders and phobias, but also chronic fatigue syndrome, burn-out, obsessive-compulsive disorders, as well as various somatoform disorders.

Psychotherapy at VIP Dr Vorobjev Clinic is applied depending on the need and severity of the problem a person faces. Talking with a psychiatrist is crucial in treating all psychological problems, as only with the help of a professional one can tell the untold and face all of the fears in order to successfully overcome them.

hospital for the treatment of addictions and dogs

VIP Dr Vorobjev - Our Clinic

Modernly equipped facility

Addictive disorders and psychological disorders treatment clinic VIP Vorobjev is located in a luxurious and modernly equipped facility that provides you with all the necessary comfort during the treatment process.


Luxury and spacious rooms

Rooms at VIP Vorobev Clinic are designed to give you full comfort and privacy. All rooms have free Wi-Fi, cable TV, fridge …

room for clinic procedures vip vorobjev

Procedure room

VIP Vorobjev Clinic has a procedure room equipped with modern devices for ultrasound examination, ECG, EEG, inhalers, oxygen therapy, ultraviolet and laser blood irradiation …


Psychotherapy room

Psychotherapy plays an important role in patients undergoing addictive disorder treatments. That is why VIP Vorobjev Clinic has a special psychological room where our psychiatrists and psychologists talk to patients and point them to the right path of recovery after therapy.


Clinic gym

The gym within VIP Vorobjev Clinic is intended for our patients since it has long been known that sports contribute to strengthening the body but also the mind. In addition to providing detox programs and psychological therapies, we strive to make our patients physically stronger and more ready for a new beginning.



VIP Vorobjev Clinic provides you with fantastic conditions of staying during treatment and procedures, so in addition to comfortable and functional rooms, there is a dining room and lounge where you can eat, rest or socialize and watch TV with other patients.


Pain-free detoxification in VIP Vorobjev Clinic

Addictive disorders and psychological disorders treatment clinic VIP Dr Vorobjev uses the latest painless techniques and methods of treating all types of addictive disorders. Our modern methods of drug addiction treatment are the result of long-term scientific cooperation and the exchange of experiences with leading world clinics.

The combination of various detoxifying medicines, highly effective rehabilitation techniques, modern medical equipment, and highly efficient pharmacological therapies provides a safe and successful treatment for all types of addictive diseases, including the treatment of hard drug addiction such as Heroin, Cocaine, Methadone, Substitol, Kapanol, Kompensan and the like.

treatment of addiction disease

Why VIP Vorobjev Clinic?

room for clinic procedures vip vorobjev

More than 20 years of experience in treating addictive disorders

The vast experience of VIP Vorobjev Clinic in treating addictive disorders, but also in understanding the mechanisms of diseases, as well as treating psychiatric manifestations of diseases, with fast and painless detoxification, leads to indifference and aversion to drugs and alcohol. VIP Vorobjev Clinic develops an effective pharmacological blockade and additionally provides the patient with appropriate 12-month psychological support. All this enables VIP Vorobjev Clinic to achieve outstanding results even in the most severe cases.


Modernly and functionally equipped clinic

At VIP Vorobjev Clinic we provide patients with maximum comfort during their stay with us. The building is modernly furnished and designed by designers who have not only taken into account the medical needs of patients but also the aesthetics and comfort, as well as the beautiful spacious yard rich in vegetation. In addition to the large lounge and spacious room for patients, there is also a modernly equipped gym, a swimming pool, and a hot tub. All rooms have a large cable TV as well as Wi-Fi internet.

an internationally recognized clinic for addiction illness

World-renowned experts and recognized treatments

Addictive disorders and psychological disorders treatment clinic VIP Dr Vorobjev was awarded in New York the 2018 International Quality Summit Award in the gold category. This recognition came as a reward for years of work, innovation, and research in combat against addictive disorders but also as a reward for a large number of our successfully cured patients worldwide. This recognition is also addressed to all doctors working in the clinic as these are the world-renowned experts in addiction treatment and psychotherapy.

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    We are at your disposal for any additional information you need about the program of detoxification, treatment, rehabilitation, accommodation or transport to our clinic.

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Detox procedures at our clinic

Treating addiction with Ibogaine

treatment with ibogain removal from drugs

Ibogaine treatment completely eliminates severe and painful drug withdrawal symptoms as Ibogaine controls how fast the dopamine receptors will release dopamine, which means that we succeed in making the brain activate them more often.


Ultra-rapid detoxification (UROD)

ultra fast detox serbia

Ultra-rapid opioid detoxification (UROD) is a modern and highly effective method of drug detoxification. Currently, its popularity in the world is growing due to its high efficiency but also the high rate of relapse problems associated with more traditional detoxification methods.


Regenerative procedures

regenerative methods treatment addiction

Plasmapheresis or extracorporeal detoxification method, Oxyven, Blood detoxification and Magnetic field are some of the most productive modern methods when it comes to quitting psychoactive substances and give fantastic results in the treatment of our patients.


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