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Therapy rooms

Procedure room

Addictive disorders treatment clinic VIP Vorobjev has a procedure room that is equipped with two medical beds and all the accompanying equipment to enable performing of procedures in a safe and completely painless manner.

In addition to standard medical devices such as automated laboratory systems, ultrasound devices, ECGs, devices for monitoring cardio-respiratory systems, various inhalers, oxygen therapy devices, ultraviolet and laser blood irradiation devices, the room also has devices for stimulating the work of endorphin system in the brain and xenon therapy.

The procedure room at VIP Vorobjev Clinic is furnished by the highest medical standards and during the procedure, the patients are supervised by the duty team of physicians and nurses.

Our innovative and globally recognized methods of treating addictive disorders guarantee a positive outcome if the patient adheres to our advice and guidelines. The rate of successful treatment among our patients is as much as 93%!

Psychotherapy room

The psychotherapy room is a place where our patients relax and talk to psychologists and psychiatrists to look at their illness from a completely different angle.

Psychotherapy is a dialogue between a therapist and a patient aimed at bringing about complete rehabilitation after the detox treatment for addiction, such as drug addiction, alcoholism or gambling addiction.

The trustworthy relationship the psychotherapists and patients build at our clinic allows us to talk about the diseases and problems troubling the patients in a safe environment. Psychotherapy is a long-lasting process and requires active and full participation of the patient himself.

The best results are achieved when after the intensive treatment the patient remains at our clinic in the rehabilitation center. Then, during the following weeks or months, psychotherapeutic methods with the patient and his family and friends reach a common solution to finally release the patient from the holdfast of addiction.

Physiotherapy room

Physiotherapy is today applied in almost all clinical areas so it has taken an important place at our clinic for addiction treating and rehabilitation VIP Vorobjev.

A physiotherapist helps patients stay in shape during the detoxification or rehabilitation process, but also, even more importantly, helps them restart various muscle groups that have weakened due to many years of consuming drugs or alcohol.

The physiotherapy room is equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices to quickly achieve good recovery results. The physical therapy includes modern methods of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, electrotherapy, physical agents and mechanical procedures.

An important element in physiotherapy at our clinic is the orientation to individual approach in the planning and implementation of physiotherapy procedures with continuous evaluation of results.

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