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Regenerative procedures

Long-term use of drugs, alcohol and psychoactive medicines in large doses has devastating effects on the central nervous system. The disorder of basic biological processes, such as oxygen circulation and blood flow to the brain, is common.

The addict is in a state of bliss during the drug effect, but unable to make any decision (becomes demoralized, cannot finish what he/she started). Appetite, sleep, sexual function and hormonal balance are also disturbed. Reduced concentration and suffering, lack of orientation in time and space, inability to adapt to the environment, loss of memory, slow thinking and rapid intellectual fatigue, narrowing of the scope of interest are common consequences.

Regenerative procedures are directed to:

• treating damaged blood vessels and cells

• improving the efficiency of element exchange

• brain function normalization

• alleviating pain and spasm

• treatment of substance-induced inflammation

• treatment of sleep disorders

• regeneration of damaged tissue

Neurometabolic therapy

Systemic long-term use of drugs, alcohol and psychoactive drugs in high doses has a devastating effect on the central nervous system.

Neurometabolic therapy stimulates the synthesis and utilization of oxygen and glucose, increases the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate under ischemic and hypoxic conditions by more than 19 times. Approximately 30 percent of organic substances, such as peptides, amino acids, nucleosides, lipids and oligosaccharides, microelements (sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium) are part of the composition of neurometabolic preparations.

By their effect, the transmission of glucose from the blood to the cerebrum can be increased by up to 50 percent.


Xenon gas

Thanks to its properties, Xenon is now used in treating stresses of different origin, headaches, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, depressive disorders, during rehabilitation and regeneration of the body after the disease.

Xenon is also used to improve work ability, in regenerative therapy for drug abuse and alcoholism. Xenon can perform neuroprotection (nerve cell protection), and also positively affects the apoptosis of central nervous system cells. Xenon therapy provides a rapid therapeutic effect in the following areas:

• treatment of pain and painful syndromes

• anti-stress therapy

• treatment of depression

• sleep disorder therapy

• treatment of addiction (on drugs, alcohol)

• rehabilitation and recovery of the body after the illness

• rehabilitation and recovery of the body after great mental and physical efforts

• to improve working ability


Spark Wave Therapy - Technology of tissue regeneration

The biological effects of Spark waves can be specifically used to regenerate the new tissue and successfully treat skin lesions. The MTS medical device emits unique and largely unfocused shock waves that are designed particularly for indications on the skin. In order to achieve optimal treatment results, the amount and distribution of targeted energy are adapted to the treatment of skin lesions.


• Hardly treatable lesions

• Acute and chronic lesions

• Post-traumatic lesions

• Post-operative healing disorders

• Burn

• Ulcers and bedsores

The treatment does not require the use of anesthesia as the large focal zone of the applicator significantly reduces pain typically associated with wave shock therapy.


Laser blood purification

Due to the intake of harmful substances (narcotics, alcohol, medicine abuse), blood vessels and blood cells are destroyed, resulting in infections, sepsis, thrombosis, embolism, and even death.

Laser blood stimulation restores blood cells, reduces erosion of blood vessels, improves the transmission of matter, and therefore the nutrition of vital organs. Laser stimulation is used to clean the blood and restore the body after strenuous training and extreme efforts of healthy people and top athletes, as it reduces the amount of fat in the blood, increases oxygen transport and accelerates the removal of harmful substances from the body.


OxyVen treatment

The latest, most effective German technology for oxygen application in top sports, through addictive disorders, to the most serious diseases. Oxyven normalizes the function of the brain, liver, lung and kidneys, as oxygen enters the blood directly by intravenous administration.

Oxyven reduces neurological, psychosomatic and musculoskeletal disorders in the fastest possible way (pain, spasm, nervousness, difficulty breathing …).

Oxyven performs natural detoxification and regeneration of the body.



The effectiveness of this method is conditioned by its detoxifying, immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory properties. Blood plasmapheresis is widely used in the initial phase of complex therapy. It enhances the effectiveness of further treatment and regenerates the patient’s body.

This procedure lasts for an hour and does not cause pain. During the procedure, the patient gets an infusion, medical solutions, and the blood passes through a disposable sterile membrane plasma filter. Cleansed from harmful substances, blood plasma re-enters the body, and the liquid portion of the blood containing toxins is separated.

After plasmapheresis, blood is less sticky, which contributes to cleaning the tissues and internal organs. The patient feels the influx of life energy and his/her general condition is improving.


Audio-visual therapy

Audio and light devices train the brain to produce the frequencies necessary for operation. It becomes easier for a person to achieve the desired goal: adapting to new conditions, fighting bad habits, overcoming lack of self-confidence and psychological blockades, improving the effects of meditation.


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