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Regenerative medicine

Regenerative procedures

Long-term use of drugs, alcohol and psychoactive medicines in large doses has devastating effects on the central nervous system. The disorder of basic biological processes, such as oxygen circulation and blood flow to the brain, is common.

The addict is in a state of bliss during the drug effect, but unable to make any decision (becomes demoralized, cannot finish what he/she started). Appetite, sleep, sexual function and hormonal balance are also disturbed. Reduced concentration and suffering, lack of orientation in time and space, inability to adapt to the environment, loss of memory, slow thinking and rapid intellectual fatigue, narrowing of the scope of interest are common consequences.

Regenerative procedures are directed to:
treating damaged blood vessels and cells
improving the efficiency of element exchange
brain function normalization
alleviating pain and spasm
treatment of substance-induced inflammation
treatment of sleep disorders
regeneration of damaged tissue

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