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Heroin Addiction Treatment and Rehab Clinic

Heroin is a powerful drug extracted from the opium poppy, a flower that usually grows in South America, Asia, and Mexico. It’s highly addictive and has been deemed illegal in the US since 1924. That is why we will focus on help for heroin addicts in this article.

Heroin addiction

Effect Of Heroin

There are short-term and long-term effects, and we’ll explain them briefly below.

Long-term use can lead to the following:

Warm skin
Fuzzy brain
Dry mouth
Infections of the heart lining, heart valves
Collapsed veins
Skin infections (cellulitis)
Kidney and liver disease
Pneumonia and tuberculosis
Mental disorders
Miscarriage, menstrual problems

Signs Of Heroin Use

They vary wildly from person to person, presence of various mental illnesses, other drugs, and length of abuse. If you want to help someone with getting clean from heroin, here are the most common signs and symptoms:

Neglecting primary responsibilities at home
Neglecting personal hygiene
Neglecting professional responsibilities
Sudden need for money
Wearing long sleeves
Unclear thinking
Unexplained attitude or personality changes
Mood swings
Lack of motivation
Angry outbursts

Consequences Of Using Heroin

Long-term use alters the brain's physical structure and physiology, resulting in hormonal and neuronal abnormalities that are difficult to restore. Studies have revealed that this drug use causes white matter degeneration in the brain, which may damage decision-making abilities, the ability to regulate behavior, and stress responses. The drug causes a high level of physical dependence and tolerance.

On this note, tolerance develops when the amount of substance required to obtain the same effects increases. The body adapts to the presence of the substance, and withdrawal symptoms occur if consumption is rapidly reduced. Heroin replacement is impossible, and the body and mind need to be re-trained to live without it—so there are no pathways from heroin addiction recovery without treatment.

Heroin Treatment Options

There are various types of treatment for heroin addictions, and we’ll discuss them here so you can get started in the direct direction. Let’s see the main heroin treatment options.

Medication-Assisted Treatment For Heroin Addiction

Most experts worldwide agree that medication-assisted therapy (MAT) is the "gold standard" of care for addicts—it’s one of the best heroin addicts help options.

Medications can help people wean themselves off drugs and minimize their cravings. Buprenorphine and methadone bind to opioid receptors in the brain in the same way as the drug does. These medications are less dangerous and last longer than heroin. Methadone, for instance, has been used in the treatment for heroin addictions for more than 50 years because it prevents a person from experiencing the associated high. Because naltrexone inhibits specific receptors, and opioids such as this drug have no impact. This makes them less fun to use.

Behavioral Therapy Treatment For Heroin Addiction

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps people pay attention to what they think and do, and it teaches them how to deal with stress and other stressors more effectively. Contingency management is another sort of therapy that rewards addicts for staying drug-free by giving them vouchers or money.

The goal? Developing a cure for heroin addiction. But rather than repeating the same bad behavior, the addict is now equipped with a relapse prevention strategy to break the cycle of relapse and boost the chances of long-term success.

It’s worth noting that behavioral therapy complements medication-assisted treatment and is a critical ingredient to success.

Inpatient Treatment Vs. Outpatient Treatment For Heroin Addiction

Outpatient and inpatient rehab are the two main types of heroin addiction treatment programs available. While each kind concentrates on rehabilitation, each boasts various benefits. Inpatient options are treatment programs with a residential factor for those with powerful addictions—the choice when quitting heroin alone is impossible. Outpatient options are part-time, and recovering addicts can continue attending school or working during the day.

Inpatient Heroin Treatment

When it comes to inpatient rehabilitation programs, patients have to check themselves into a supervised setting to conquer their addictions. Patients are cared for at a treatment center for heroin addiction that provides emotional and medical assistance 24 hours a day.

Outpatient Heroin Treatment

Stopping heroin is also the goal here, but outpatient rehab is far less restrictive compared to the inpatient drug option. This only requires ten to twelve hours of weekly attendance at what is usually a local treatment center.

Substance misuse education, group, and individual therapy, and educating persons with addiction on managing their behavior are included in these meetings. For someone with a minor addiction, outpatient drug rehab can be a viable stand-alone option—and it can help tremendously with overcoming heroin addiction.

Stages Of Heroin Addiction Treatment In Vipvorobjev Clinic

It all starts with an assessment discussion where we learn about your story, your desires, and the challenges you currently face. It’s a healthy process that we’ve developed over the years, and that works. Our goal is to build a heroin abuse treatment strategy tailored to you.

Diagnosis Of Heroin Addiction

An addict may not appear to be "on drugs." Instead, he or she may just seem to be sleepy. Addicts generally always deny that they are abusing substances. Our doctors know how to diagnose addiction and all the necessary steps needed to help a person that is in various stages of usage or withdrawal.

Detox From Heroin

It takes time, and it takes will, but it also takes strategy and professional help to conquer the effect of heroin. That is why we are here. The treatment types mentioned above are the core of our mission—to help persons on heroin detox forever.

Effectiveness Of Treatment For Heroin Addiction

Recovery from heroin is not easy, but what is the best way to get off heroin? Combining both medication-assisted therapy and behavior therapy offers the most effective results in patients with addiction. All major studies show that the type of therapy is the strongest predictor of retention, with abstinence-oriented therapy showing the lowest retention.

Moreover, patients need as much support as possible from their family and friends. Living alone increases the risk of dropout.

Сost Of Heroin Addiction Treatment

Costs vary wildly depending on the type of treatment. Obviously, inpatient treatment is more expensive since it includes accommodation and 24/7 care. This is usually discussed with the clinic representatives, and they can explain the benefits of each option.


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