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Naltrexone Implants in the Treatment of Alcoholism

Although behavioral therapy and social support are widely used in treating alcoholism, sometimes, it is not enough to improve your condition. In these cases, Naltrexone implants may work to prevent alcohol and opioid addiction. It is generally believed that alcoholism and addiction are psychologically related disorders. Therefore, they are better cured with drug therapy.

Naltrexone Implants

What Are Naltrexone Implants and How Do They Work

Naltrexone pellet implants are opioid antagonist treatment procedures. Initially, they were prescribed to treat opioid addiction, but it is also prescribed to treat alcohol use disorder (AUD) condition. Naltrexone implants contain a pure form of naltrexone. They are inserted under the skin (normally in the abdomen), where medicine is gradually released.

The implant blocks the opioid receptors and endorphin receptors, respectively. Consequently, this helps to reduce alcohol or drug cravings.

Indications for Naltrexone Implant Placement

Naltrexone implant treatment is clinically prescribed to treat OUD (opioid use disorder) and AUD (alcohol use disorder).

Naltrexone Implant Side Effects

Side effects occur mainly due to interaction with food or other medicine. Below are the possible side effects that result from the use of the naltrexone implant:

Common Side Effects

Feelings of vomiting
Excessive dozing

Serious Side Effects

Skin rashes
Dark urine
Liver damage
Tissue death

Physical Symptoms

Skin rash
Liver damage
Tooth pain and decay
Decreased appetite

Psychological Symptoms


Behavioral Symptoms

Trouble with sleep (oversleeping or lack of sleep)

Risks Associated With Naltrexone Implants

Naltrexone implants may increase the risk of the following conditions:

Blisters and open wounds
Circulatory collapse
Respiratory difficulties
Acute withdrawal syndrome

Preparing for the Naltrexone Implantation Procedure

Research shows that naltrexone is very effective in treating alcohol use disorder. Before naltrexone treatment, you need to detoxify your body from alcohol or other drugs. The insertion is done by a skilled surgeon, and you are kept under observation for a few days.

Before implanting naltrexone, your health expert will inquire if you have a medical condition. Some of these conditions can include liver damage, pregnancy, use of other drugs, or allergies to naltrexone.

After a careful physical and behavioral examination, you will be ready to undergo the implant treatment.

How Are Naltrexone Implants Administered

To receive the implant, you must visit a naltrexone implant center or VipVorobjev Clinic, where a surgeon will examine your condition and start the procedure. This is a quick surgery that may take less than 20 minutes with no significant side effects or post-operative pain.

The naltrexone pallet is usually implanted in the abdominal region. The surgeon numbs the area with anesthesia. After the anesthesia is administered, the surgeon makes a small incision to insert the Naltrexone.

Following the successful insertion, the doctor stitches the wound and binds it with a bandage. The drug begins working within one hour. Controlling addiction habits with naltrexone may take place within a few weeks to months.

Naltrexone Implant — How Can It Help You

Naltrexone implants may help you reduce your addiction and control its effects. The released chemicals bind with the receptors and inhibit them, significantly reducing the pleasure you get from drug use or addiction. In technical terms, the drug blocks the endorphin receptors.

Combining naltrexone with behavioral and psychological treatment is best, preferably at naltrexone implant locations.

Naltrexone and Alcohol Use Disorder

In AUD, it blocks the endorphin receptors, which are responsible for giving you pleasure from drinking alcohol. It gradually reduces your alcohol craving and increases self-control; it improves your condition over time.

Drug Use Disorder and Naltrexone

Naltrexone works as an opioid inhibitor. It binds to the opioid receptors and blocks their effect. This results in receiving no pleasure from the narcotics or other drugs you use. Consequently, this leads to less need for chemical drugs and eventually drug independence.

Effectiveness of Alcohol Addiction Treatment with Naltrexone Implants

Statistics show that addiction treatment with naltrexone implants is one of the best available methods. The Disulfiram implant manufacturer also ensures its effectiveness for many addictions.

At VipVorobjev Clinic, we follow a chain of strategies for diagnosis, detoxification, implantation, and follow-up procedures to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimal risk. Our skilled team of MDs, physicians, and psychologists will help make the naltrexone program work for you.

Naltrexone Implant Removal

Physicians usually recommend naltrexone implant removal when you get an infection, can't tolerate naltrexone, or require opioid analgesia. Removal is also a minimal procedure and unlikely to cause serious side effects.

You can visit naltrexone implant clinics near you for removal.

Does the FDA Approve Naltrexone Implant

Naltrexone pills and intramuscular drugs have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat OUD and AUD.

The Cost of Naltrexone Implantation

The cost of the implant depends on the treatment provided. The price starts from 300 € and varies accordingly.


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