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Laser Blood Purification in Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment

Drugs and alcohol are said to be abused when people take them with the aim of experiencing euphoric effects. This has led to serious health and economic problems around the world, but abusers, including those with a genuine intention to quit, are finding it difficult to let these addictive drugs go.

For this reason, different methods of treatment are being used to help addicts withdraw safely from drugs and alcohol. But even after withdrawal, long-term effects like sepsis, embolism, thrombosis, and infections can threaten a person’s life; laser blood detoxification and purification can solve this problem.

Laser Blood Purification

What is Laser Blood Purification

Laser blood purification is a form of detoxification. It involves the use of radiation to remove toxins from the body. This process is necessary due to all of the harmful substances that addicts have ingested.

With this method, drug users can safely put an end to their addiction and also live a life that is free from the negative repercussions of drugs and alcoholism. Thanks to the many benefits of blood detoxification, people can regain the healthy life they had before addiction.

Indications for the Procedure

Blood detoxification and purification are indicated for people who have been addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, and as a result, have toxins in their system that cause health problems.

How is the Laser Blood Purification Procedure Performed

In a special room with laser security, the patient will sit or lie down comfortably. After sitting, a clinician will use a disposable needle that has a light pipe to puncture the patient’s cubital vein.

A light pipe will then be attached to the source of laser light with the use of a unique adapter. The laser light source is the main tool for treatment. When this process is over, the needle with a light pipe will be removed from the vein.

The entire process will follow aseptic regulations.

Duration of the Procedure

The laser blood purifier process does not take long; it rarely exceeds 20-30 minutes. After the procedure, the patient will rest in the comfort of a treatment room after the procedure for about 30 minutes.

Since one session is not enough, this procedure will be carried out 5-10 times, depending on the nature of a patient’s case. For some people, it can be done daily until the entire procedure is completed; in such cases, it would take 5-10 days. But if a patient has the sessions spread out every other day, it would take 10-20 days to be completed.

How to Prepare Before the Procedure

For the safety of the patient, tests will be carried out to ensure that the patient is in a good state to tolerate the procedure, which is supposed to be painless at every stage.

The Effects of Laser Blood Purification

Laser blood purification has many positive effects on the patient, especially one that has shown many indications that it is necessary for the procedure to take place. Here are some of the most popular effects of the laser blood purifier process:

Improvement of microcirculation
A more effective immune system
Reduced risk of thrombosis
Correction of any imbalance
Improvement of general state of health
Blood detoxification
Stimulation of cell regeneration

Potential Advantages of Laser Blood Purification: What Results Can Be Achieved in the Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

In the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, laser blood purification will go a long way in helping people regain the life they had before they started using these harmful substances. As the body regenerates via blood cleaning, the imbalance in the body that was caused by addiction will be corrected, and this will help people have a better and faster recovery from withdrawal symptoms.

This process has a way of mentally stabilizing patients as well, because as they are getting care, they will be encouraged to focus on a sober life. And with reduced or zero withdrawal symptoms, this fight against the urge for drugs will be far easier for patients.

Since some of the symptoms of blood detoxification include very uncomfortable situations like a loss of appetite, insomnia, and anxiety, the laser purification process will help eliminate these symptoms. The patient will feel better, so they will not want to take drugs anymore out of fear of experiencing those symptoms again.


VIP Vorobjev Clinic is equipped with highly-qualified doctors that have a wealth of experience with drugs and alcohol addiction. Our specialists successfully use laser blood purification to treat addictions.

Patents and Certificates

VIP Vorobjev has all the necessary patents and certifications, including the DAACC (Drugs, Alcohol, and Addiction Counselor Certification). The clinic also has the necessary authorizations for laser detox.

The Cost of Laser Blood Purification

The cost of one procedure is 50 €. The number and frequency of procedures will be prescribed by the attending physician.


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