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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment

Addictions are major problems that significantly affect people's lives. Addictions can also do severe damage to the body’s organs. It usually takes a lot of time for these damages to heal and regain proper organ function, even after addiction treatment. This has posed a huge challenge to scientists, who have now started searching for new forms of interventions to quicken healing.

Oxygen therapy for detoxification during addiction treatment is a new approach to produce improved outcomes. This supplemental oxygen therapy is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

This article talks about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, its types, and its benefits in addiction treatment.


What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

During normal breathing, almost all of the oxygen that is present in the blood is attached to a compound known as hemoglobin; very little is dissolved inside the liquid portion of the blood.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy entails keeping a person in a compartment with increased pressure. The patient is made to inhale 100% oxygen. This increased compartmental pressure also increases the solubility of oxygen, hence raising the oxygen levels in the liquid portion of the blood.

As a consequence, this process raises the levels of oxygen getting to the body tissues. This clears toxins faster from the system and also improves the repair of tissues, making it an effective option in drug and alcohol addiction treatment.


The process can be done on anybody who opts for the procedure as an adjunct to their detoxification, as long as they have been certified fit for it. It is also explored as an option in the treatment of some other medical conditions.


HBOT should be avoided in certain medical conditions and in persons using certain medications, e.g. some anticancer medications.

Different Types of HBOT

There are two main forms of hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

group therapy — characterized by the simultaneous administration of oxygen to multiple persons inside a single larger pressurized chamber.
Individual therapy — characterized by the pressurization of a single smaller chamber with oxygen and the direct inhalation of the oxygen in this chamber by the only person who is kept inside.

How is HBOT Administered

After the patient has been adequately prepared, they can proceed with the procedure. Before the start of the procedure, the patient is required to remove any jewelry they may be wearing. They can either make use of a single chamber with other patients, or they may opt for the special chamber for themselves.

If they opt for the procedure with other patients, they would receive the gas via a face mask.

If they opt for the option of doing the procedure alone, they would not need a face mask.

Duration of the Procedure

Various factors determine the duration of the procedure, hence the time for each session varies.

On average, it takes between thirty minute to an hour to complete a session of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. A person would typically require multiple treatment sessions over a few weeks or months to achieve maximal effect.

At the end of each session, the patient may then be monitored for a few hours to ensure there are no complications before they go home.

How to Prepare Before the Procedure

Before hyperbaric oxygen therapy is given to a person, there has to be a valid and established need for it.

Their medical history would also be confirmed to rule out the presence of any medical conditions and use of any medications which are contraindicated to the procedure.

Several tests would also be carried out to ensure the patient is fit, and they would be advised to stop smoking and taking alcohol, as these substances limit effectiveness of the treatment.

The Effects of HBOT on the Body

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the levels of oxygen dissolved in the liquid component of the blood are elevated, thereby improving oxygen delivery to tissues. This invariably leads to some positive changes in the body including:

Increased repair of damaged tissues
Can be used to treat other non-addiction conditions
Speeding up of detoxification
Promoting the body's ability to fight infections

Potential Advantages of HBOT in Addiction Treatment: What Results Can Be Achieved in the Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The option of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for alcohol addiction or drug addiction can be used during the stage of detoxification. HBOT use during this stage of treatment has been shown to have numerous advantages compared to when HBOT isn't used.

The Benefits of Increased Oxygen in Addiction Detox

The various benefits gained when you use hyperbaric oxygen therapy for drug addiction or alcohol addiction include:

Reduction in the required dose of detox medications
Shortened time needed for detox
Reduced withdrawal symptoms during detox
Enhancement of the success of detox and suppression of the risk of relapse
Enhancement of the return of tissue function

Cost of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

If you're asking yourself, "At what cost can I get such special oxygen therapy near me?" At the VIP Vorobjev Clinic, you can undergo HBOT for the price of 50 euros per session. The number and frequency of necessary procedures will be determined by your attending physician.


Our doctors and other medical personnel are specialists in the management of various addictions. We also have doctors and medical personnel qualified to safely carry out every stage of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. They do this through adequate preparation of the recipients prior to the procedure and monitoring during the course of the procedure, as well as at the end of the procedure.

Patents and Certificates

At VipVorobjev Clinic, due to our top-quality facilities and skilled professionals, we are fully certified to provide treatment for various forms of addictions and to carry out various special procedures. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is just one of these.


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