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Mephedrone Addiction Treatment and Rehab Clinic

Addiction to this psychoactive drug is on the rise, which is why patients are actively seeking mephedrone addiction treatment plans. Among many mephedrone addiction symptoms is the temporary enhancement of physical and mental function.

If you or a loved one needs help withdrawing from this recreational drug, you will find all you need to know below.


Side Effects from Mephedrone Use

Mephedrone addiction severity may differ per person, but several common side effects exist. Here are the side effects to look for to assess the mephedrone addiction potential in someone.

Impotence in male addicts
Bouts of vomiting and painful nausea
Dehydration and profuse sweating
Headaches ranging from mild to excruciating
Anxiety or negative mental episodes from paranoia
Circulatory challenges and resulting heart problems

Symptoms and Signs of Mephedrone Use

Without prior knowledge, it can be challenging to identify mephedrone physical addiction in a person. Perhaps the following symptoms and signs will make it easy to recognize addiction and seek mephedrone abuse treatment.

Breathing difficulties
Highly distractible
Incapable of focusing on a single subject or topic
Clenched teeth
Rapid speaking and thoughts formulation
Dilated pupils
Overly concerned for others
Jitteriness, hyperactivity, or boosted energy levels
Overly affectionate behavior
A false sign of increased euphoria
Significant appetite loss
Sleeping difficulties
Erratic heartbeats
Shaky vision

Consequences of Using Mephedrone

Prolonged mephedrone abuse can cause intense panic attacks and hallucinations and create a permanent state of paranoia and depression. Furthermore, excessive use of this psychoactive substance can also adversely affect the patient's health.

With time, the prolonged addiction can damage the kidneys, arteries, and heart of the addict. Excessive stimulation also causes accelerated heartbeat, insomnia, and headaches.

Mephedrone Treatment Options

The good news is that mephedrone addiction help is available now. You can avail yourself of mephedrone overdose treatments, mephedrone toxicity treatments, and withdrawal plans. However, since the addiction can likely cause dangerous effects, it is best to opt for a rehab facility.

Medical Treatment for Mephedrone Addiction

The medical treatment plans you will receive at a rehab facility include a supervised detox period and a comprehensive treatment plan including amphetamine. Moreover, the best rehab facility comprises medical experts who craft a combination of medical methods for each treatment.

Simultaneously, they also address co-occurring health issues and disorders. The medical treatment plans may also include prescription medicines to help addicts wean off the drug and prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Behavioral Therapy Treatment for Mephedrone Addiction

Behavioral therapy helps an addict alter their behavioral patterns, which were the cause of the addiction. This will help patients address their negative behaviors and replace them with more positive ones.

Patients will receive individual, group, and combined therapy sessions to help wean off their substance abuse, strengthen against withdrawal and resume everyday life.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment for Mephedrone Addiction

There are two different routes of pursuing treatment for mephedrone addiction. These are the inpatient vs. outpatient treatment plans. Mephedrone drug addicts can entirely use their discretion when it comes to deciding the best route of treatment.

Inpatient Mephedrone Treatment

Inpatient mephedrone treatment plans happen in a legal, high-facility rehab like VipVorobjev. It is the best option for those who are addicted to the substance and can’t wean off it on their own. During detox, the competent medical teams keep the patients under strict supervision as they withdraw.

For this reason, mephedrone addicts need to remain in a monitored environment. The medical experts at inpatient rehab facilities have overdose, withdrawal, and emergency treatments for recurring conditions ready.

Outpatient Mephedrone Treatment

If you prefer a degree of independence and aren’t addicted to mephedrone, you may seek the best outpatient mephedrone treatment approach. This route allows you to detox independently, at your pace, and in your environment.

However, patients can attend a range of therapies during their outpatient treatment course to help facilitate faster recovery.

Average Length of Mephedrone Treatment

The mephedrone treatment plans typically last for a few weeks or up to six months, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Effectiveness of Treatment for Mephedrone Addiction

At VipVorobjev, we ensure the treatment plan is wholly effective by curating individualized plans per the needs.

Some of the facets we specifically work upon include:

Coping mechanism
Communication skills
Preventing withdrawal symptoms from recurring
Personal life quality


Our rehabilitation clinic and center has a team of trained, experienced medical professionals and drug specialists. We cater to a host of patients suffering from varying addiction problems.

Our team of experts analyzes your case in detail, curates an individualized plan, and provides every service possible to provide the best care and treatment.

Cost of Mephedrone Addiction Treatment

While the cost of an addiction treatment plan varies according to the type of drug one uses and the length of the program, you can expect a general estimate. If you get in touch with our experts, they will be able to give you an exact quote based on your specific case and treatment requirements.

Patents and Certificates

VipVorobjev is the proud winner of the Rose Paracelsus award for providing the best-individualized treatment and care for people struggling with addiction.


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