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Flakka Addiction Treatment and Rehab Clinic

Flakka, popularly known as alpha-PDP, is a synthetic cathinone. In structure, flakka is quite similar to Bath salts, which are another variety of synthetic cathinones. Many also commonly refer to this substance as gravel and consume it through e-cigarette vaporizers, injections, or pills.

In this article, you will learn all about flakka drug addictions and flakka drug treatment protocols for flakka addicts.


Side Effects from Flakka Use

Being a dangerous drug, there are many side effects that flakka addicts can suffer. Even a mild case of flakka drugs addiction can cause the following side effects:

Extreme agitation
Delirious thoughts
Experiencing frequent and increased jerkiness in the movement of muscles
Accelerated heart rate
Paranoia, which is usually quite profound

In most typical cases of paranoia, flakka addicts generally experience an illusionary feeling of great danger. This is why it is common to see addicts seeking flakka emergency treatment because they become a threat to themselves in such cases.

Symptoms and Signs of Flakka Use

Flakka addicts generally find this substance so appealing due to the myriad of effects it produces. If you suspect that a friend or loved one is a victim of flakka drug addiction, here are the signs and symptoms to look for.

Physical stimulation
Unnaturally heightened confidence
Mental alertness
Lowered inhibitions
Unnaturally boosted energy
Becoming more talkative, especially if it is uncharacteristic of an individual

Consequences of Using Flakka

Currently, it is very common to come across a large number of patients seeking treatment for flakka addiction. Abusing flakka comes with very serious consequences, which an addict eventually suffers.

If not immediately, then with time, the abuse of flakka can lead to the following consequences:

Manic behaviors
Accelerated heart rate
Suicidal thoughts
Unexplained weight loss
Cardiovascular problems

Flakka Treatment Options

Flakka is still a relatively new substance that is fairly unique. However, many experts can help people addicted to these substances. If you know any flakka addicts in your circle, you could always help them out by availing one of the several treatment options for flakka drug addiction.

These treatment plans play a key role in helping addicts recover from substance abuse, sober up completely and resume a normal life. Since flakka is among the small group of substances that is still under medical research, its treatment plans keep evolving. However, despite the limited information present, medical experts at rehab clinics are proactively eliminating this societal menace.

There are plenty of traditional flakka emergency treatments and flakka drug treatment protocols in various medical centers. These approaches make a significantly positive impact on a flakka addict’s life.

Medical Treatment for Flakka Addiction

A medical treatment plan for flakka addiction involves the following:

Detox- this is the first step in treating flakka addictions. Patients must begin their journey of recovery by detoxifying from the substance completely, with the help of professionals. They need to allow their body to cleanse from the excessive amount of dangerous substances.
After completing detoxification, patients can be physically and mentally ready to heal. They can begin therapy. The latter is the second step of a medical treatment plan, and patients can opt for different types of therapy. This will help them resolve the issues that made them resort to flakka abuse in the first place. In this step, patients can opt for individual, behavioral, and experiential therapies.

Behavioral Therapy Treatment for Flakka Addiction

Behavioral therapy helps an addict alter their habits, which led to the addiction. This can help patients address their negative behaviors and replace them with more positive and morally upright ones.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment for Flakka Addiction

There are two different routes of pursuing treatment for flakka addiction. These are the inpatient vs. outpatient treatment plans. Flakka drug addicts can use their discretion when deciding on the best route for treatment.

Inpatient Flakka Treatment

Inpatient flakka treatment plans are the best option for people who are deeply addicted to the substance. Getting sober without outside intervention is not only impossible, but it is also dangerous. The initial stages of detox can lead to very severe symptoms.

For this reason alone, flakka addicts need to remain in a monitored environment. Rehab clinics have a team of competent, trained, and expert medical professionals who will help the addicted individual overcome their condition. For those trying to overcome the severest cases of addiction, the inpatient is the best treatment option.

Outpatient Flakka Treatment

If you prefer a degree of independence while seeking treatment for your addiction, the outpatient flakka treatment approach can be an option. This route allows you to detox on your own, at your pace, and in your environment.

Patients can attend a range of therapies during their outpatient treatment to facilitate faster recovery.

Stages of Flakka Addiction Treatment in VipVorobjev Clinic

At VipVorobjev Clinic, your flakka addiction treatment will progress in the following stages:

Diagnosis of Flakka Addiction

A diagnosis of flakka addiction includes a thorough physical and psychiatric health evaluation.
Detoxification process under controlled and monitored medical environment.
Individual and group therapy sessions, including behavioral, experiential, and cognitive therapies.

Flakka Detoxification Treatment

As part of our flakka detoxification treatment, our patients partake of a complete detox program to their bodies of the dangerous substances. The common symptoms during this process include:

Mood swings
Suicidal thoughts

Our medical experts provide essential care while detoxifying the patient.

Average Length of Flakka Treatment

The flakka treatment plans typically last for a few weeks or up to a month, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Effectiveness of Treatment for Flakka Addiction

At VipVorobjev, we ensure the treatment plan is effective by curating individualized plans as per your needs.

Some of the facets we specifically work on include:

Coping mechanism
Communication skills
Preventing withdrawal symptoms from recurring
Personal life quality

Cost of Flakka Addiction Treatment

While the cost of addiction treatment plans varies according to the type of drugs people abuse, as well as the length of the program, you can get specific quotes when talking to our medical experts.

Get in touch with us to find out more details.


Our rehabilitation clinic and center are proud to have a team of qualified, trained, and experienced medical professionals and drug specialists. We cater to a host of patients suffering from varying severities of addiction.

Our team of experts analyzes your case in detail, curates an individualized plan, and provides every service possible to offer the best care and treatment.

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