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Pill Addiction Treatment

The Main Types of Addiction to Pills

Pill addiction is becoming the leading cause of addiction in this century. In pill addiction, a person gets addicted to some kind of pill without even realizing it. Some types of pill addiction are:

Sleeping Pill Addiction

Sleeping pills are drugs that are prescribed for patients with insomnia. Unfortunately, people get addicted to them because of overuse. Uncontrolled prescription writing for sleeping pills is one of the causes of sleeping pills addiction. Research and statistics show that almost 40 million prescriptions were written for at least one sleeping pill from 2006 to 2011. Some people don’t even realize they are addicted until they have to stop.

Some of the signs of sleeping pills addiction are:

Continuous cravings for more pills
Unable to stop taking pills after treatment
Obtaining more sleeping pills by constantly changing doctors
Can’t sleep without pills

If someone notices these symptoms, they should stop taking the sleeping pills with the help of a doctor.

Pill Addiction Treatment

Caffeine Pill Addiction

Caffeine is a natural brain stimulant. It causes the release of dopamine that enhances brain activity, so a person feels more awake and alert after taking caffeine. Caffeine causes dopamine release, but it doesn’t cause unnatural imbalances in the natural stimulant circuit, so a simple morning coffee can cause dependence but not addiction. The problem arises when caffeine pills are used continuously, or with other stimulants or alcohol, which can lead to sickness or death.

Diet Pills Addiction

As the name suggests, diet pills are the drugs that are used to modify weight. They can:

Suppress appetite
Reduce weight
Increase metabolism

Statistics show over 24 million people in the U.S are overweight. Many of these individuals use diet pills in order to reduce weight, unfortunately leading to addiction. FDA approves the use of weight control measures for patients with a BMI above 30. Even after losing weight, people continue using diet pills because of:

Temporary weight loss satisfaction
Feeling of euphoria
Increased stamina

Pain Pill Addiction

Pain is a distressing feeling that disrupts life. Pain is one of the most common reasons why people visit their doctor. Sometimes doctors prescribe opioids for pain relief. Opioids are incredibly potent, but they can lead to a psychological and physical dependence. Some of the signs of pain pill addiction are:

Continuous usage of painkillers, even after treatment
Taking drugs other than the prescribed ones
Taking higher doses of drugs
Injecting the drugs after oral intake

How is Pill Addiction Formed

There are five stages of addiction to pill:

Experimental use of pills
Regular usage of pills
Risky use of pills
Dependence on pills
Abuse of substances

The human body always adapts to its environment, and after continuous usage of pills, the body adapts to the substance. Any removal of those pills causes withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction affects and influences the brain in these ways:

Continuous usage of painkillers, even after treatment
Taking drugs other than the prescribed ones
Taking higher doses of drugs
Injecting the drugs after oral intake

If these symptoms are present, that means the patient has gotten addicted to the pills.

Pill Addiction Symptoms and Causes

Following are some symptoms that show a person is addicted to pills:



Looking unusually energetic

After taking stimulants pills

Looking sedated

After taking depressants

Poor memory

After continuous usage of depressant pills

Asking for increasing doses

With continuous usage, threshold for effect increases

Trouble walking

Poor coordination

After long usage of pills

Side effects of chronic usage of addiction pills



The side effect of chronic usage of addiction pills

Changing multiple doctors

To get the same prescription after the previous doctor stopped prescribing.

Groups Most Susceptible

Teens (13-19 years) and early adults (20-25 years) are the most susceptible age groups to getting addicted to pills because the parts of the brain that control decision power, judgment, and self-control have not fully developed.

Individuals with brain disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety are more high-risk patients for pills addiction.

Men are more susceptible to pill addiction than women.

Treatment and Recovery from Pain Pill Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease that not only affects the individual involved, but also the family of that person. Pain pill addiction treatment centers give a multi-professional, integrated, and long-term approach which includes the following steps:

History of addiction
The history of the patient’s addiction to pain pills is discussed.
Blood samples and toxicology report
Blood samples of the patient are taken and sent to the laboratories.
Diagnosis of pain pill addiction
Diagnosis of pill addiction is made according to the history and toxicology report.
With the diagnosis, treatment for pill addiction gets started from detoxification of the addicted pill.
Ultra-rapid opioid detoxification
This is a new method used in very advanced rehab centers such as VipVorobjev.
Cognitive behavioral therapy
This helps the patient understand the disease and also helps him/her psychologically.
This improves the mental health of the patient through counseling with the clinicians.
Recovery and follow-up
With proper treatment, the patient recovers and avoids future addiction.

Pill Addiction Treatment Methods

There are a variety of pill addiction treatment methods that are used for treatment. Methods for treating prescription pill addiction include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy
Rational emotional behavioral therapy
12-step facilitation
Contingency management
Medical treatment
Family therapy

Cost of Treatment

The cost of the treatment for pill addiction varies with different factors such as duration and level of addiction.

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