Occupational therapy is of crucial importance for psychosocial and functional rehabilitation.

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, occupational therapy is any mental or physical activity prescribed by a medical professional and guided by professional staff.

In actuality, this is a special type of treatment which contributes to faster healing. That is, it helps to bring out a specific function, mental attitude or behavior in a patient.  The importance of occupational therapy in the treatment of addictive disorders also concerns the preservation of the results achieved with previous therapies in the treatment of psychological and physical addiction.

The importance of occupational therapy has been known about since ancient times

Even ancient peoples knew how important occupational therapy is for the psyche of a person. The earliest evidence of this originates from the year of 100 BC. The Greek physician Asclepiades treated patients with mental disorders using therapeutic baths, exercise and music.

However, the practice of occupational therapy in medical institutions only began in the 18th century. Namely, thanks to the hospital system reforms carried out by Philippe Pinel and Johann Christian Reil, patients were no longer chained up and given rigorous treatments. Instead, the beneficial effect of various workshops was applied.


At the beginning of the 20th century, art began to be used as a way of promoting learning through work. It was, in fact, a creative outlet used to avoid boredom during a long hospital stay.  Eleanor Clarke Slagle, who is considered the creator of today’s occupational therapy, realized its potential.

Guided by the view that engaging in a specifically designed routine creates a balance between work, rest and leisure, this American social worker developed a series of activities as a special form of therapy. Although initially it was intended only for the treatment of psychiatric disorders, the real importance of occupational therapy was very soon realized. Today it sees wide application, including in the treatment of alcoholism, pill addiction and addiction to other types of psychoactive substances.

What is the importance of occupational therapy?

Occupational therapies are based on manual, creative, recreational, social and educational activities which can be performed individually or collectively.

Creative activities constitute the main part of this therapy. These include a whole range of workshops, which not only entertain patients, but also provide them with the opportunity to showcase their talent and skills which they might not have even been aware of. The creation  of collages, mosaics, decoration, jewelry, pottery and other items are just some of the activities most commonly applied.

The recreational segment, as its name implies, consists of physical activity. That is why the VIP Vorobjev clinic also has a gym featuring modern equipment. In it, each patient will find a group of exercises which suits them.

In addition to the gym, we also have a swimming pool and hot tub. They help mental relaxation, completely eliminating stress and anxiety. Simultaneously, they also improve mobility and circulation, so that the patient feels more comfortable and ready to cope with all of the challenges which psychological addiction treatment can lead to.

Social activities, in fact, are interactive in the pleasant, air-conditioned daily living room of the clinic. With an interesting conversation and TV time passes, it’s no surprise that the patients here are happy to gather here.

Educational activities involve overcoming new knowledge and new professions, which in the later life can be very useful.


Occupational therapy makes the return to regular life easier

Occupational therapy possesses multiple levels of importance. On one hand, it “enriches the lives” of patients, serving as a diversion from hospital treatment. This contributes to the strengthening of the sense of belonging and self-confidence, but also stimulates self-discipline and the development of good work habits. It makes the return to everyday professional and social life easier.

On the other hand, this form of therapy contributes to the formation of a positive public image, i.e. reducing discrimination and stigma towards people who are facing the problem of addiction.

With the help of the expert team here at the VIP Vorobjev clinic, not only will you resolve your problem, but you will become ready to welcome a new life. With the help of psychotherapy, occupational therapy and our team of experts, you will be able to return your life and to enjoy it.

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