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Occupational therapy

Staying in a hospital environment can be monotonous for patients if not filled with some entertaining activities. It is easy to lose the feeling of satisfaction and purpose as we are far from our former life. Rarely who loves a hospital and people can’t wait to leave.

However, we proudly say that our clinic is not typical and offers numerous benefits and additional contents fulfilling people’s time, so at our clinic VIP Vorobjev occupational therapy takes a special place. Thanks to it, our patients manage to distance themselves from addictive disorders and mental disorders and turn to a better side of life, as well as to remind themselves how much entertainment exists in it.

Occupational therapy

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is part of the hospital treatment and includes various manual, creative, recreational, educational, intellectual and other activities aimed at achieving and improving the physical and mental functions of the patient.

The goal of occupational therapy is to speed up rehabilitation and prepare the patient for return to the social environment, that is, resocialization.

Our goal is for people to leave our clinic satisfied and ready for all life challenges, and we believe that staying at our clinic will prepare them for this.

Occupational therapy affects the satisfaction of a range of human needs that need to be fulfilled so that a man can feel good in his skin and be mentally healthy. Particularly important is the need for belonging, acknowledgment, self-esteem and respect. At our clinic VIP Vorobjev, we pay attention to each of these needs as we know that they are crucial for the recovery and the beginning of a new, better quality life.

Occupational therapy techniques

We tried to offer our patients the forms of work that are interesting, that encourage to action and prepare them for an active lifestyle and after leaving the clinic. In order to enable the use of all our potentials, we use the following techniques in the work:

Conducted: patients should rely on therapist's instructions, plans and orders and follow them (creative brain, puzzles, similar activities that are involved in problem-solving);

Sedative: they act soothingly to patients, especially the female part, which is very pleased to accept these techniques. Painting with oil, tempera or watercolor, clay sculpturing and similar artistic activities make it possible to express those feelings that cannot be communicated verbally. The important role in all these techniques is played by the type of material and color characteristics;

Inventive: here patients are asked to invent and find solutions within the tasks they get and thus reawaken their creativity. Examples are making greeting cards, paroles, making jewelry, decoupage technique ...;

Free: these techniques are chosen by patients themselves according to their personal choices and interests; there are no rules or restrictions therein;

In addition to the techniques listed, we also use recreational and intellectual activities.

We seek to stimulate all levels of functioning of our patients, so we consider that recreational activities such as gymnastics, walking, gym, bowling, billiards, darts and trips have a beneficial effect and speed up recovery. Our patients really enjoy these activities and often new friendships are made, which we find extremely pleasing.

Intellectual activities include sensory forms, such as watching movies and light intellectual forms like reading, quizzes, fun games, and chess. We want our patients to feel at home and provide them with all the necessary conditions for relaxation and rest.

At our clinic VIP Vorobjev, we know that occupational therapy is an important factor for healing and we try to adapt it to each patient in order to get the best out of him and strengthen his self-confidence and self-esteem.

When it comes to addictive disorders, people often forget how much power and potential exists in them. They feel helpless and do not see the exit from the maze in which they found themselves. That is why we are here, to remind them all the time how much they can actually do because all power is in their hands. We always try to awaken their belief that they can live a wonderful life because everyone deserves such a life.

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