The importance of psychotherapy in the process of treating addictive disorders is immeasurable.

Modern society presents many challenges to deal with to a person. It is up to them to choose the right way to do it and to take responsibility for their choices.

Sometimes however, what appeared to be the best solution is in fact a major problem, one which only drags us further and further to the bottom. We cannot find the way out of this vicious circle on our own, expert help is required. This is especially true if considering that today, many “bad” things are far more accessible than they have been during earlier decades. So, in addition to alcoholism and drug addiction, there are also addictions to pills, the Internet, work, shopping, and sex.

The fact which speaks to this being a global socio-economic problem is that 40 percent of young people have had experience with illegal drugs before reaching the age of majority, and 5 percent even experienced harmful consequences because of it. Unfortunately, not even the older generations are commendable in this regard. Constant pressure both at work and in their private lives has led to an increase in the number of people who begin to abuse psychoactive substances in their middle age.

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Keeping the severity of the condition in mind, the VIP Vorobjev clinic would like to draw your attention to the importance of psychotherapy in treating addictive disorders.

The importance of psychotherapy for the treatment of psychological addiction

Addictive disorders are chronic and recurrent. Their effects leave consequences on the functioning of the entire body. Although is skepticism among laypersons about drug abuse and other forms of addiction being impossible to successfully treat, the experience of the VIP Vorobjev clinic’s team has shown exceptionally good results.

Namely, the elimination of physical addiction through detoxification is only the first step in freeing oneself from an addictive disorder. Seeing as psychological addiction also exists, psychotherapy is crucial. This is  because psychoactive substances can cause new, and worsen or mask existing mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression.

Treatment of addiction with Ibogaine at the VIP Vorobjev clinic is a revolutionary program which frees the mind from the negative effects of addiction. However, in order to completely eliminate the urge to abuse substances, one should not ignore the importance of psychotherapy.

Other than the person’s heritage and character, the environment they inhabit also lies at the heart of the problem, so treatment includes involving all members of the person’s family too. That is, it includes family group sessions. Support and words of encouragement without criticism are crucial for the patient. This shows exactly why psychotherapy is important.

The importance of psychotherapy, because addictive disorders hide deeper psychological and emotional problems

Addiction should not be seen a problem of only substance abuse. In fact, it is impossible to achieve complete recovery from an addictive disorder unless the reasons and motives behind its emergence are established. Therefore, the psychotherapeutic approach is completely different if the condition was caused by curiosity and a desire for social acceptance or if feelings of displeasure, emptiness and other psychological were what had lead to the addictive disorder.

The goal of individual psychotherapy is to increase the patient’s awareness in order to achieve happiness and a sense of security without drug abuse.

Only when they becomes aware of the degree of their dependence, and the consequences it has resulted in will the patient be ready to form realistic attitudes and adopt the correct social behavior norms.

The importance of psychotherapy in preventing relapse

Relapses in psychoactive substance abuse are most often caused by unwillingness to face one’s problems or lack of effort put into resolving them the right way. Afterwards, the patient can no longer see a way out of this situation and a sense of hopelessness brings them back to the way they were.

In order to prevent such a situation from occurring, psychotherapy aims to build trust between the patient and the therapist from the very beginning. Only with gradual introduction to the treatment will the patient have the freedom to express their thoughts and based on them the therapist will be able to identify even the smallest indication of a withdrawal which can cause a relapse.

Značaj psihoterapije

The VIP Vorobjev clinic has renowned doctors of psychiatry and clinical psychologists in its team of experts, and they will help you to win against addiction. The most modern approach, long-standing experience and, above all, respect for patient privacy are the reasons for the trust given to us by numerous clients from around the world.

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