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Psychotherapy: Counseling for Addictions

Psychotherapy plays a major role at VIP Vorobjev Clinic, as besides with patients who have some form of psychological dysfunctionality (depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias ...) it is an inevitable method in the treatment of addiction (drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, pill addiction ...).

Thus, psychotherapy is important in overcoming all kinds of problems

It’s every man for himself, and each of us has our problems, fears and doubts that are best dealt with through a conversation. That is precisely why, at our clinic, we make individual plans we use to approach problem-solving.

Why is psychotherapy useful?

Psychotherapy helps an individual to cope with problems and make the desired change in his or her life. Change is something that everyone strives for in a certain period of life, but the path to the change is not always easy and we need assistance.

In addition to being the method of selection in psychiatric disorders, it is not limited to the field of pathology. Psychotherapy also helps healthy people regain satisfaction and improve their lives.

Today, stress is, unfortunately, a part of everyday life, and the problems you face every day certainly affect your psyche. That is why psychotherapy is of crucial importance! It is a way of personal growth and everyone can benefit from it. It helps you to solve family and partner relationships, manage stress, and improve working ability.

In the process of psychotherapy, we help you to consider and accept yourself, gain insight into your own behaviors and actions and real insight into the person and the world around you.

Psychotherapy and addictive disorders

When it comes to addictive disorders, psychotherapy allows a person to find an alternative to unhealthy ways of functioning. This is a very challenging task when it comes to addictive disorders but it is not impossible to accomplish. Psychotherapy is necessary to build a healthier personality of a former addict.

All people are different, and the same goes for addicts. Therefore, the treatment plan and goals should always be adapted to each case individually in order to achieve the best possible result.

Psychotherapy depends to a great extent on the will and commitment of the person who asked for help, and we can freely say that when these two factors exist, success is inevitable.

The relationship between a psychotherapist and a client

What people are most often worried about when choosing psychotherapy is whether what is said will stay between them and therapists.

Psychotherapy opens painful and difficult issues. The person often communicates about the actions and feelings he is ashamed of and hardly admits to himself, let alone to others.

In order for psychotherapy to take place in the proper manner, the trust, as well as confidentiality between the therapist and the client, is crucial. All that is said remains between the therapist and the client. You can be sure that at our clinic VIP Vorobjev discretion is guaranteed.

The goal of psychotherapy is resocialization and reintegration

The goal of psychotherapy is to gradually change the behavior and beliefs of the patient. Other goals include his returning to the social environment, or resocialization, and reintegration.

Addiction leaves physical, psychological and social consequences. While physical consequences are eliminated by detoxification, psychotherapy eliminates psychological and social consequences. Some of them include:

Disturbed sleep
Personality change
Psychotic reactions
Suicidal thoughts
Decreased interest in everything except for the substance
Loss of sense of life
Loss of job
Divorce and family breakdown
Proneness to criminal activities
Panic attacks
Social isolation
Obsessive-compulsive thoughts and actions

All these consequences can be overcome by working on ourselves and by cooperating with psychologists and psychiatrists from our clinic, by following guidelines and recommendations leading to complete healing and rehabilitation.

Psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to say the unspoken without judgmental looks, helps you come into contact with yourself and your true emotions and strengthen the inner strengths and potentials that you have, improve and create better relationships with other people, but also teaches you how to deal with unforeseen life circumstances, problems, stresses and challenges in the future in an easier way.

At our clinic VIP Vorobjev, the phase of resocialization and reintegration lasts for several months during which a person gradually assumes responsibility for himself and returns to normal life. In this, our experts, together with the family, provide constant support, which is the most important part of the path to healing.

Psychotherapy at our clinic

We pay strict attention to protecting the privacy of each of you. At our clinic, help is provided to anyone who needs it, is provided anonymously, and you can sign up under any name.

VIP Vorobjev Clinic has a long tradition and reputation in the successful treatment of addictive disorders, as well as all other mental disorders and psychological problems carried by everyday life.

The help of a psychologist is sometimes needed when we want to consider and accept the everyday problems that create stress and impede normal functioning. Thanks to the expertise, the will and the many years of experience of our employees, exit is always possible, regardless of the kind of problem.

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