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Post-treatment support

Successful treatment is the biggest part of the job. However, post-treatment support is very important to keep things from returning to the previous level of functioning.

What is post-treatment support?

Post-treatment support is a continuous process of monitoring and encouraging former patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and functioning.

Post-treatment support

What happens after treatment?

When the treatment process is finished, family members of addicts are happy but also worried at the same time. They tend to react to the smallest detail they can associate with the former life of the addict. Sometimes this is justified, but sometimes these are just false alarms.

This results in tense situations and conflicts. And the addict can turn back to substances as a way of escaping the problem.

The key is that the family provides support to the addict, and if not sure how, it can learn about it at our VIP Vorobjev Clinic.

Why is post-treatment support important?

Post-treatment support is important for several reasons.

First of all, it provides a standfast to the patient. This strengthens his beliefs that he can stay healthy even after leaving the institution. Post-treatment support gives hope and strengthens the patient.

If support post-treatment support is lacking, and the achieved change is not maintained, the patient can again fall into the crisis causing a relapse. Relapse is the return to the former condition after apparent recovery.

Post-treatment support and hospitalization

Hospitalization is necessary and effective, especially when it comes to addictive disorders as they are best treated in a protected environment. Our clinic VIP Vorobjev stands out from typical hospitals by its comfort and modern equipment. We try to give our patients maximum pleasure so that they forget they are on treatment.

Post-treatment support is aimed at integrating patients into everyday life, at their living in a community and not alone, and preserving their capacities.

Post-treatment support

Post-treatment support with us

At our clinic, we believe we can do something for our patients even after they leave our clinic.

We know how much reintegration into society can be stressful for a person who has just overcome an addictive disorder.

It is necessary to change the previous circle of people of the former addict. This requires the acquisition of new social skills and strengthening of self-confidence.

The illness handicaps a person for some period and takes away all his attention and time. Content is needed, and the content cannot be reached by the person himself; at least at the very beginning, the person needs guidance. That is why in our clinic post-treatment support takes a special place.

Post-treatment support and out rules

Our experts believe that after you have been cured, you should follow the following rules to stay healthy:
Commitment to work or studying to avoid boredom and idleness that can cause returning to substances;
Prohibition of substance use and the ability to solve problems without them;
Prohibition of using addictive medicines;
Regular controls and adherence to therapy in order to maintain the achieved change;
Visits to a special educator and exercises helping a person face the challenges of reintegration;
Measures against relapse to maintain the stabilization of the psychological state.

With the adequate support you will find at our VIP Vorobjev Clinic, adherence to these rules does not have to be too difficult. Post-treatment support enhances the results of treatment and encourages a person to make new achievements.

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