What is co-addiction and how does it differ from addiction? This question is essential for addicts’ parents, so we hope this text will help you to understand this problem better and to help your child start a new drugless life.

Addictive disorders are a dire condition which equally affects the addicts and their families, and VIP Vorobjev clinic is there to help you through these toughest times.

What is co-addiction and how is it related to addiction?

Every parent puts their child first. It is indeed a unique feeling. When another life depends on you, it can sometimes be a heavy burden, especially when it comes to harmful and self-destructive behavioral patterns.

Many of the choices you make will affect the way your child grows up and the kind of person it will become. Although parents play a significant role in the life of a child, they do not have full control – for children themselves make many life decisions, which are often wrong.

For example, teens decide on whether to try drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, when this happens, there is a chance they will develop addiction. When they do develop addiction, it strikes their parents very hard for they assume they had done something wrong while raising their child, which leads to a feeling of total helplessness.

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You should know that the etiology of addiction is very complex, and you should by no means consider yourself responsible, or at least not entirely. Nowadays, drug addiction is so prevalent in society, and all young people are at risk. This is true for good, exemplary children too. Still, the question is what you can do and how to help them in time.

What is co-addiction and why is it dangerous?

What is co-addiction? Co-addiction involves direct or indirect support and acceptance of addiction in the family. Of course, nobody does it consciously and deliberately, and parents try to make it easier for their child with the best of their intentions. However, this always leads to negative consequences, and your child sinks deeper and deeper into ‘quicksand.’

You should avoid giving money to an addicted child, as it is clear that it will spend the money on getting psychoactive substances. It is safer that you buy it what it needs.

Many parents excuse their child’s absence, trying to fix the situation at school and prevent even harder consequences. However, as long as your child feels you will be there to repair the damage it made, the desired change and treatment will not occur.

You can even end up getting your child medicines, vitamins, fulfilling its duties. Sometimes it even happens that parents get drugs or alcohol for their child, which is the worst possible thing you can do.

You cannot beat addiction and co-addiction on your own, as it is a tough and exhausting fight. That is why it is best to choose VIP Vorobjev clinic, which boasts many years of experience in treating addictive disorders and psychological problems.

VIP Vorobjev clinic – The right place for your loved one’s recovery

It often happens that a child refuses to go to rehabilitation, but co-addiction cannot be overcome without professional help. It is, therefore, imperative that you initiate treatment as this is the only way for your child to live a healthy and normal life.

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Addiction is curable, and the right place for recovery is our VIP Vorobjev clinic. With professional help and full support of top experts, your child will again live to the fullest and enjoy its youth.


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