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Gold Quality Award in 2018

International Quality Award

Dr Vorobjev Clinic won the 2018 International Quality Summit Award in New York in the gold category.

The recognition we received did not come as a surprise as we know how much work and effort we have put into to help people with addictive or psychological disorders.

We received the International Quality Award as an organization that is the driver of innovation in its field and is characterized by constant striving towards improving the quality and results of work.

Below you may find the interview given by Dr Aleksej Elistratov when taking the prize in the name of Vorobjev clinic.

We now welcome Dr Vorobjev, drug and alcohol rehab clinic from Serbia.

Dr Vorobjev drug and alcohol rehab clinic from Serbia receiving the International Quality Summit Award here in New York 2018. The International Quality Summit Award goes to Dr Vorobjev, drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

Golden Prize for Hospital Quality VIP Vorobjev

Host: Congratulations on receiving the international quality award in its gold category. It is a pleasure and it is an honor to have you here, Mr. Aleksej. Can you explain to us a little bit about Dr Vorobjev clinic: What it is, what is the past of the clinic, and how it has developed into what it is right now.

Dr Aleksej Elistratov: Yes, the clinic was founded by Dr Vorobjev, the owner of the clinic, in 2007. At the beginning it was a small clinic designed for 10 patients and mostly we treated Serbian people for drug addiction, but our treatment was successful, we grew up and very soon in 2010 we entered the European market and very soon people all over Europe from Italy, from France, England, Germany, from Switzerland, they started coming to our clinic for treatment. And we were successful.

For example, in 2017, more than 560 patients successfully passed treatment in our clinic. So, it gives us hope for further development. So we try to find new approaches, new technologies to treat people with maximum success, and we follow our principles of treatment. So, I think this is the key. Why are we such a successful clinic? Because we follow the principles of our treatment and we are committed to these principles. The principles are simple enough.

First principle: So, we do not substitute drugs – we clean patients out of drugs. We bring them back to  normal, to healthy life, drug-free life. This is the first principle.

Second principle: We treat not only physical addiction (we provide not only drug detoxification) – we treat mental addiction. Mental addiction treatment is the key of the problem, so without solving this problem it is impossible to get the result, stable result, reliable result for future.

Third principle: The third principle a complex of treatment. Not only just detoxification, mental addiction treatment, but also rehabilitation and regeneration. Only then we can get the result, when we can say that the patient is clean and he is going to live a normal life and his chances for relapse, just to go back to drugs, are minimum.

We deal with our problems one by one. The first step is diagnostic. Diagnostics is very important when the patient comes for treatment. So, what do we do? We just want him to understand what is going on with him. Diagnostics. Physical assessment. Laboratory test, urine test, biochemistry test, maybe MRI if necessary, ultrasound research.

When we understand what is going on, we make a task, a goal of further treatment. Then we make the treatment plans tailored to the individual, to the individual needs of the patient. Then we do the first step: drug detoxification. Without solving this problem, it is impossible to get the result. The person must be cleaned out of drugs. Some drugs will create quite strong physical addictions which cause the withdrawal syndrome. And to solve this problem is quite a challenging task.

So, how we can do it: Of course, there is a combination of pharmacological protocols and detox procedures, such as ultra-rapid-detoxification or anesthesia-assisted detoxification, blood cleaning called plasmapheresis, orthomolecular detoxification and physiotherapy. This is the first step. The second step is mental addiction treatment where the person does not suffer, where he feels comfortable, painless, and is ready for mental addiction treatment to work with a psychologist. Mental addiction treatment is, as I told before, the root of the problem. Without this all, it is impossible to get the results.

So, combination of psychological addiction treatment, in combination with pharmacological protocols, with alternative method of mental addiction treatment, brings the result. We kill desire to use drugs. Patient loses interest in drugs. He forgets about them. He lives normally from day to day, without thinking about drugs, and this is the key moment of successful treatment.

Host: Excellent, Mr. Aleksej, can you explain to us what do you think will be the plans in the near future for your organization, let’s say the following five years.

Dr Aleksej Elistratov: As I told you – we grow. Our clinic grows. We need more… we plan to build a new clinic for 60 patients, including a VIP segment for patients. With using new technologies, with our professionals, our knowledge, mental addiction treatment, regeneration therapy, outpatient treatment, rehabilitation center, will all be included in this clinic. It will be a modern clinic, an advanced clinic. It will help us to be on the front position not only in the European market but also around the world. This is our plan for future.

Host: Mr. Aleksej, we would like to know how would you implement or what things will change when you return to your organization with this award?

Dr Aleksej Elistratov: I think this award is a good boost to improve the quality of treatment, to look for other advanced technologies, for the progress, to improve the quality of treatment, and to get more patients. As I told you, to be on the front position on this market.

Host: This award has a long-standing tradition of being not only an achievement award but a commitment award towards quality and excellence. Companies and organizations all over the world which received this award made a public statement towards excellence and quality. To whom will you dedicate this award?

Dr Aleksej Elistratov: I dedicate this award to entire staff of our clinic led by our head, by our chief, Dr. Vorobjev.

Host: Congratulations again Mr. Aleksej and congratulations to Dr Vorobjev Clinic in Belgrade, which has an international standard of quality and excellence, and is becoming a beacon of hope for people who are searching for a solution, an efficient solution, a real solution to drug addiction and rehabilitation. Congratulations again on receiving this International Quality Award in its gold category.

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