Alcoholism is an addictive disorder caused by uncontrolled and chronic consumption of alcoholic drinks. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the harmful effects of alcohol that easily lead to abuse and addiction that requires expert assistance.
Treatment of alcoholism at our VIP Vorobjev Clinic has helped many addicts to free themselves from these difficult additions and live a normal and healthy life.

We believe that we can help you too regain good health and peace of mind in your life, which is impaired by alcohol abuse.

Why is alcoholism a disease?

First of all, excessive use of alcohol causes addiction and also impairment of mental and physical health, as well as social relations, and it particularly negatively influences the family. Alcoholism leads to divorce, family breakdown, loss of job and material income, emotional distancing and dysfunction in the family …

Regarding the prevalence and negative effects on health, alcoholism is in the third place, immediately after cardiovascular and malignant diseases.

Long-lasting and devastating consequences of alcoholism are best felt by family members. Alcoholics cause the suffering of their closest ones, either physical or mental suffering or material losses. That is why it is necessary to initiate the treatment of because the addict is very often unable to do it alone.

Alcoholism and psychological problems

People with psychological problems often turn to alcohol and take higher amounts of drink to help them overcome depression, tension and anxiety. The fact is that such psychological conditions are best treated with  professional help. Consuming psychoactive substances is the worst option someone can choose, but it still happens constantly and is part of everyday life.

Chronic alcohol use does not solve psychological problems; it only postpones and deepens them, and often causes them.

The use of alcohol often leads to depression that also requires serious and expert treatment.

Our clinic is here to help you overcome various  psychological problemsthat arise along with that arise along with or independently of them. With our help, you will be able to overcome various life crises and challenges and regain satisfaction in your life.
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Treatment of alcoholism at our clinic

Although alcoholism is a serious disease that leaves significant consequences, there is always a chance for recovery. To begin with, the addict’s family should take the first step. You need to persuade the addict to be treated and assure him that there is help. We know that life with an alcoholic is difficult, but it is the behavior of the closest family members that is decisive for the further course of the disease. That is why it is important to respond in time!

Honest and open conversation is always helpful, and the most important thing is that the addict himself accepts that he has a problem requiring professional help.

You should avoid transferring responsibility as much as possible. On the other hand, it is quite understandable that it is very difficult for the family to go through the period of treatment, so VIP Dr Vorobjev clinic is there to help you.

The treatment of alcoholism  at our clinic with expert assistance and constant monitoring of physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists gave excellent results and helped a large number of people to return their life to normal, restore the lost trust of loved ones and turn to a completely new and different life.

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