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Clobazam (Onfi) Addiction Treatment and Rehab Center

Clobazam is a benzodiazepine medication used to treat conditions such as seizures. Clobazam is commonly known as Onfi and has significantly low addiction potential. This means that it isn’t as addictive as other benzodiazepine medications; you need to keep in mind that one can become addicted to clobazam when it is misused or abused.

This article covers everything from the symptoms associated with the abuse of clobazam, to the most effective ways to treat clobazam addiction.

Clobazam (Onfi)

What is Clobazam

Just like other medications in the benzodiazepine class, clobazam can activate GABA receptors which slows down brain function by preventing neurons from sending signals, ultimately reducing the severity and the likelihood of seizures occurring. The drug also has a calming and soothing effect.

Onfi is abused and used recreationally because of the euphoric effects it offers. Patients may want to continue taking the medication after the recommended period to keep experiencing the sedative and calming effects.

Indications for Use

Healthcare practitioners use clobazam as a secondary treatment for epilepsy; it is prescribed with other drugs to address seizures associated with a severe form of epilepsy known as Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Since clobazam isn’t as addictive as other benzodiazepines, doctors usually recommend them for 2-4 weeks.

Clobazam Analogs

Clobazam is sold under different brand names. The most popular are: Onfi, Frisium, Urbanol, and Sympazan.The brand name of the medication may vary from country to country. On the streets, clobazam is referred to as the following:

Totem poles
Chill pills
French fries
Sleeping pills

The Effects of Clobazam Abuse

Even when patients take the recommended dosage of clobazam, they may experience side effects like drooling, shakiness, and drowsiness.

Short-Term Effects

Below are some of the short-term effects of clobazam abuse:

Increased aggression and anxiety
Difficulty learning and remembering
Poor muscular coordination
Difficulty carrying out complex tasks like driving
Increased tolerance

Long-Term Effects

Below are some of the long-term effects of Clobazam abuse:

Poor sleep quality
Difficulty carrying out routine tasks
Cognitive decline
Slower immune system
Poor mental health
Dependence on the medication

Symptoms and Signs of Clobazam Abuse

Health experts have categorized the symptoms of clobazam abuse into three groups: physical, behavioral, and psychological.

Physical Symptoms

Below are some physical side effects clobazam abuse can cause:

Respiratory depression
Difficulty carrying out routine tasks
Fever and Seizures
Slurred speech
Damage to the liver and cardiac failure
Difficulty walking

Psychological Symptoms

Below are some psychological symptoms of clobazam abuse:

Mood swings
Disorientation and Confusion
Mental health issues
Declining cognition
Memory issues
Suicidal ideation

Behavioral Symptoms

Below are some behavioral symptoms of clobazam abuse:

Trouble keeping up with responsibilities at work
Lying to get the medication
Continuous drug usage even when one is aware of the risk it poses.
Strained relationship with loved ones because of the abuse of the medication
Taking the medication with other substances
Experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit
Taking a higher dose of the medication
Attempting to purchase the drug illegally
Using the medication for more than the prescribed period

Clobazam Addiction Treatment Options

There are three main ways clobazam addiction is treated. Below is an overview of each of them:

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is geared towards helping people addicted to clobazam return to their community and loved ones.


Detoxification is done to help patients cope with withdrawal symptoms as their body eliminates the addictive substance.

Mental Addiction Therapy

Mental addiction therapy is usually done after detoxification. This therapy is designed to help patients address the underlying factors that caused their drug abuse.

Medical Treatment for Clobazam Addiction

Health experts may recommend a medical detoxification in a rehabilitation center if a patient is experiencing the side effects associated with the abuse of clobazam.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment for Clobazam Addiction

Healthcare practitioners may recommend inpatient treatment if an individual has abused the medication for a long time and is experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Outpatient treatment may be recommended if the individual used the drug for a few days after the recommended period.

Process and Stages of Clobazam Addiction Treatment in VipVorobjev Clinic

Clobazam addiction is treated in stages. Here is what happens during the various stages of the treatment:

Diagnosis of Clobazam Addiction

To determine the best treatment, our team of experts will conduct tests to determine the level of damage caused by the abuse of the medication.

Clobazam Detoxification Treatment

Clobazam detoxification treatment is recommended when a patient abuses the medication for a long time and is experiencing severe side effects. The detoxification program can help reduce the symptoms patients are experiencing.

Mental Addiction Therapy

After a patient has completed the detoxification program, they may need help to overcome their addiction, which is where mental addiction therapy comes in. This program can help patients narrow down and overcome the issues that made them addicted to the medication.

Behavioral Therapy

The Behavioral therapy program is designed to help patients build systems that will help them cope with their addiction. This program can help patients rebuild their relationships with friends and families.

The Average Length of Clobazam Treatment

The length of the treatment is linked to factors such as the severity of the side effects a patient is experiencing. If the side effects and withdrawal symptoms aren’t severe, the treatment may last for a few days.

Effectiveness of Treatment for Clobazam Addiction

The detoxification program is effective and can help patients bear the withdrawal symptoms of the medication.

Cost of Clobazam Addiction Treatment

The cost of clobazam addition is determined by factors such as the severity of the symptoms a patient is experiencing and the treatment they choose. Individuals who choose outpatient treatment will likely pay less than those who opted for inpatient treatment.


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