Abuse of drugs and various other opiates, addictive agents, and psychoactive substances undeniably leads to developing addictive disorders. Unfortunately, drug use is one of the most damaging trends of the 21st century. However, one should keep in mind that there is always a solution. Treatment of addiction and return to normal life are definitely possible!

In the case of developed addiction, hospitalization, along with the constant supervision of doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, is imperative. The reason is to ensure the addict never returns to the previous state and continues his life normally after recovering from the addictive disorder.

Equipped by all world standards, with a team of world-renowned experts and using innovative therapy, VIP Vorobjev Clinic is there to help you overcome the addiction problem. Maximum care for each patient individually is our priority. We provide outright support for patient rehabilitation not only during their stay with us but also after the treatment. With our knowledge and experience, as well as your trust, you can turn quickly to the healthier side of your life, and addiction will become your distant past.

Send us a message, and we will respond by calling you

Luxurious hospital VIP Vorobjev will help patients from all over the world to successfully recover from addiction and other psychological problems. In that view, you can contact us to present your problem, and our team of experts, doctors, and psychologists will respond without delay and suggest further steps towards a successful recovery. If you are to contact us outside of Serbia, you can freely send us an SMS, and our doctors and psychologists will contact you as soon as possible to reduce your international call costs.

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If you are calling from abroad, you can always contact us via Viber or WhatsApp. We will provide you with all the necessary answers about addictive disorders and other psychological problems. On the other hand, if you have a specific question regarding this, you can fill out an online form so that the specialists of our hospital could give you the optimum answer. We are here to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us whenever you wish. Your recovery is our priority and obligation. Advice on continuing the treatment we give over the phone is completely free.

Free transfer from airport to clinic and back

During several decades of work, the team of top and award-winning experts at VIP Vorobjev clinic has successfully cured more than 24,000 patients, returning them to the right path. Patients worldwide, as well as the prestigious international Quality Innovation Award in the field of treating addiction, testify to this impressive figure and the quality of our work. Therefore, the treatment of addiction in our hospital is not “reserved” only for patients from Serbia, but also for those fighting addiction and other psychological problems from all corners of the world.

Unlike other hospitals, our clinic provides you with free transport from Belgrade airport to our clinic. Even after completing the treatment, we transport patients to the airport free of charge. You do not have to worry about the flight costs, as prices of low-cost airlines are quite affordable and available to everyone. We will do everything to reduce your travel expenses, while, on the other hand, we will provide you with full comfort and outright help at our clinic in all aspects.

Treatment of addiction – state-of-the-art therapy and individual approach in the most comfortable rooms

Addictive disorders not only destroy the life and health of the patient but also tear up his family and his business and friendly relations. But there is no reason to worry anymore. Recovery from addictive disorders in VIP Vorobjev Clinic is possible without any harmful consequences for the patient. In our clinic, we apply state-of-the-art therapy and innovative methods for treating patients. The detoxification process, as the initial phase and the first step towards the recovery from addiction, is entirely painless. During this period, the patient is under constant supervision of our doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

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Patients’ stay at our hospital, equipped with medical devices in line with world standards, is characterized by top comfort. Our rooms are spacious, with superb furnishings, TV, internet and air conditioning. The patients are provided with relaxation conditions so they can relax in a swimming pool and hot tub, or even in a fully equipped gym. We also have 24-hour security, which ensures the highest level of patient’s safety.

VIP Vorobjev hospital will also take care of your absolute discretion during the treatment while taking an individual approach for each patient.

With our cutting-edge innovative treatments, particularly Ibogaine therapy, the patient will cease to have any desire for psychoactive substances. Only in this way can he return to normal life and his family.

What are the addictive disorders we successfully treat?

VIP Vorobjev Clinic employs internationally renowned and recognized experts and doctors for treating addictions and other psychological problems. We also have intensive therapy specialists, psychologists, psychotherapists, neurologists, top trained counselors and nurses. Our hospital is exclusively focused on the complete rehabilitation of the patient and his rapid return to normal life course.

We successfully treat all types of addictive disorders. Our treatments include gambling addiction treatment, pill addiction treatment, as well as treatment of alcoholism. Also, we have proven ourselves very successful in the field of treating cocaine addiction, marijuana addiction, and heroin addiction. Moreover, we can boast effective treatment of patients with methadone and substitol addiction. In addition to treating addiction, we successfully treat other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, burnout syndrome, phobias, personality disorders, eating disorders. We treat and provide conditions for safe recovery from OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder, all types of trauma, and even sex addiction.

VIP Vorobjev Clinic guarantees you the ultimate treatment of addictive and other psychological disorders. The solution is within arm’s reach! Choose life!

Call us now or send us a message on +38162256266 and we will contact you without delay. If you wish, you can also present your problem to us via mail at info@vipvorobjev.com

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