Burnout syndrome is an increasingly common phenomenon in the world of working people. Direct translation is combustion, and this refers to the state of exhaustion caused by excessive or long-lasting stress.

Burnout syndrome is a more recent phenomenon

Burnout syndrome is a relatively new term in psychology. It is defined as a psychological response to chronic stress and overburden. The change in the social system also brings about changes in the performance of the job which bring additional stress, such as high responsibility, a large amount of work, deadlines that must be met…

The term was first described in the 1960s by New York psychologist and psychoanalyst Herbert Freudenberger. According to him, it is a state of psychological and physical exhaustion caused by the professional sphere of the person. This sphere then affects all other spheres.

How does a burnout syndrome arise?

Burnout syndrome is very common in the modern world. For some, the only cause of the syndrome is excessive workload, but this is an incomplete explanation. In addition to too many responsibilities in the workplace, there are other factors that contribute to the occurrence of this syndrome. Some of them are poor interpersonal relationships at work, both with colleagues and clients, frequent and intense conflicts, inattention, lack of motivation, a discrepancy between ambition and specific job requirements, mobbing, etc.

Who gets affected by the burnout syndrome?

While earlier it was thought that burnout syndrome affects only individuals in more demanding and poorly paid jobs, today we have a different picture. Research has shown the opposite: the most stressed are those who are successful, highly responsible and who have a clear need for control. Also, burnout syndrome affects people who are very self-sacrificing when it comes to work and who are trying to give their best. Today, this syndrome is connected to all the stressful professions.

Burnout syndrome: symptoms

Symptoms of burnout syndrome can be manifested in three levels:

  • Physiological: insomnia, headache, exhaustion, fatigue, weakness, immune deficiency, increased sweating, decreased libido…;
  • Psychological: attention and concentration disorders, difficulty in remembering, forgetfulness, hypersensitivity, nervousness, irritability, reduced motivation, apathy, boredom, low self-esteem and self-confidence…;
  • Behavioral: retreating into oneself, isolation, reduced efficiency and increased number of mistakes, often absence from work, being late, aggressive behavior, constant criticism of others’ failures…;

How to prevent burnout syndrome?

Burnout syndrome can be prevented in a timely manner, if a person recognizes signs and potential triggers for entering this state in timeThe prevention of burnout syndrome is based on learning to recognize these triggers, relaxation exercises, using support systems, and undertaking activities that will make the person feel good again.

If a job cannot be change, one should work on increasing the tolerance level and the ability to tolerate frustration, as well as on acceptance and better dealing with the existing situation.

In addition, avoiding excessive work and staying overtime, introducing physical activity, eliminating or reducing harmful habits, practicing a healthy lifestyle and finding new ways to satisfaction is also recommended.

However, if a person is at an advanced stage and cannot deal with difficulties on his own, it is advisable to seek professional help.

How to cure burnout syndrome?

In order to cure the burnout syndrome successfully, the causes of the syndromes should be considered. The prognosis depends largely on individual characteristics of a person.

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