Crystal meth is the crystalline form of methamphetamine. It is a fine powder reminiscent of pieces of ice or fragments of glass, which is why it is known among users as “ice,” “crystal,” “glass,” “quartz.” Considering the strong effect that leads to rapid body decay, it is also called “cannibal drug.”

Crystal meth was earlier used by the poorer classes instead of cocaine. Today it is widespread among people of different educational and financial status. So, for example, in North Korea, the upper class uses it as a dessert after a meal at restaurants, the middle class uses it as a cure for colds and back pain, while North Korea’s poor population uses crystal meth to relieve hunger.

That this drug is taking the lead when it comes to drug use is also said by statistics. According to a recent survey, as many as 27 million people worldwide use methamphetamine. It is especially popular with the younger generation as an additive to “wild time” at parties.

Considering the increasing use of luxury rehab clinics, VIP Vorobjev introduces you to the dangerous consequences of crystal meth.

Crystal meth was discovered in the 19th century

While the world was largely discovering cocaine and its effects, in 1893 Nagai Nagayoshi synthesized a new substance called Ephedrine from the Chinese plant Ephedrasinica. This Japanese chemist hoped to find a cure for asthma, but his discovery was not accepted by pharmaceutical companies, so Ephedrine was soon forgotten.

Based on Nagayoshi’s work in 1919, Japanese pharmacist Akira Ogata managed to develop an easier and faster process for synthesizing crystal meth. His recipe was accepted by the British company Burroughs Wellcome & Co. Thanks to this company, it was introduced to psychiatry for treating attention disorders and hyperactivity.

However, it was not until World War II that crystal meth faced its massive use. “Pervitin”, or the anti-fatigue agent was used by German soldiers to stay awake during the night missions. At the same time, it was known in Japan as “Filopon,” and especially high doses were given to kamikaze pilots. Its negative effects were discovered as early as in 1940, which included violent behavior of soldiers.

Unfortunately, the knowledge did not reduce its use. In the mid-20th century, crystal meth was incorporated into Obetrol, an anti-obesity preparation, only to be soon classified as an illicit psychoactive substance.

Crystal meth causes a stronger addiction than heroin and cocaine

Crystal meth is a major concern around the world, primarily because of its easy and cheap production. Namely, the ingredients needed to create it are simple. This is why users themselves quickly learn how to make it at home.

It is most commonly consumed by smoking, although it can also be snorted, taken orally or injected intravenously. Crystal meth releases large amounts of dopamine, lifting the mood, so immediately after consuming the person feels intense euphoria, the so-called flash. The effects last depending on the intake method. The longest effect is found with swallowing – 15 to 20 minutes, while with snorting, the pleasure wears off after 5 minutes.

As the effect lasts much shorter than the blood drug level drops, users take a new dose, so tolerance develops within minutes, making it a very dangerous drug.

Crystal meth leads to accelerated aging and body decay

Although the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are considered the most severe, crystal meth leaves serious consequences with frequent fatal outcome.

Initially, psychoactive action accelerates the body, increases physical activity and alertness. That is why it is often encountered among students and employees who constantly work overtime. However, long-term use reduces dopamine levels. This results in damage to nerve endings and the appearance of symptoms similar to that of Parkinson’s disease.

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Also, rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure lead to permanent damage to brain blood vessels and increase the risk of stroke. At the same time, there are problems with the respiratory system and digestive tract. People who use crystal meth are recognized by bad breath and bad teeth which are in a gangrenous process, but also by numerous abscesses on the skin. These are the result of uncontrolled scratching, as after the effect wears off there is the feeling of insects crawling on the body.

Mental health consequences are catastrophic. Anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, depression, various psychoses, and even aggression are typical signs of chronic use.

In order to prevent dangerous health problems, hospital treatment for crystal meth addiction is necessary. At VIP Vorobiev clinic modern methods of treatment for addictive disorders are applied, which are determined on the basis of the psycho-physical condition of the patient.

Unlike other rehab centers, VIP Vorobiev clinic applies painless detoxification. In this way, this phase of treatment gets more comfortable for the patient, as difficult physical symptoms of withdrawal, as well as depressive episodes, are avoided.

In the treatment of mental addiction as well VIP Vorobiev clinic has gone a step further with its revolutionary Ibogaine treatment. It is a natural substance that targets receptors in the brain that are affected by crystal meth. At the same time, Ibogaine has a psychotherapeutic effect and the patient sees the bad side of crystal meth, which completely eliminates the desire to continue using it after only one therapy.

Apart from its unique treatment methods and top medical team appreciated worldwide, VIP Vorobiev clinic is recognized for luxury accommodation. Modernly furnished rooms also provide accommodation for family members to facilitate the treatment. A gym, swimming pool and hot tub are also available for this purpose.

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Caring for every patient is paramount. That is why VIP Vorobiev clinic staff respect privacy at all times, even after successfully completed treatment.

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