People believe that there is a difference between soft and hard drugs. We can come across this classification in everyday life, even in the media. However, this classification is not correct and blurs a clear view and understanding of the effects that these dangerous substances cause and which can often be fatal.

What is the difference between soft and hard drugs?

This difference relates to the widespread perception that there are drugs that are not so dangerous, and which cannot seriously harm the organism. Even in professional literature, there was once a classification, that is, the difference between soft and hard drugsDrugs causing physical addiction are called hard, while those that cause psychological addiction are called soft. However, this division was unrealistic and subjective for a long time and it existed primarily due to easier classification and systematization. There is no essential difference between drugs – they all lead to the destruction of life.

There are no soft drugs. All drugs are hard.

Any substance that causes a change in consciousness can cost you and your loved ones a lot. After all, it can be life-threatening.

There is no difference between soft and hard drugs!

The most common misconception that young people have is that there is a difference between soft and hard drugs and that drug use can be controlled. This is due to the easy availability of drugs, as well as to the lack of information about the consequences of addiction. Over time, the variety of drugs is expanding, and it is rare that someone sticks to only one type of drugs.

Any drug use leads to a change in behavior and experiencing oneself, and it remains unclear whether a person is doing something out of his own initiative or because he is under the influence of a drug. There comes a quick adaptation to every drug and a person can no longer function without drugs. End of consumption is followed by abstinence syndrome, which is a very serious condition followed by severe somatovegetative effects.

Marijuana – one of the most commonly used drugs

The hardest drug is the one that is taken for the first time, since it creates space for all other drugs. People mostly begin with marijuana, in order to get to the others later. Although marijuana is used for medical purposes in some places, it is illegal in most countries, and for good reason. Many people believe that the use of marijuana can positively affect health, but the fact is that marijuana addiction leads to severe physical, psychological and social problems.

Marijuana is one of the most accessible and the most widespread drugs in the territory of Serbia. The consequences of using marijuana are manifested in various ways, there is damage to the brain and central nervous system, memory and motivation weakening, increase of blood pressure and arrhythmia. Research by neuropsychologists shows that the use of marijuana increases the risk of stroke.

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Treatment of drug addicts at our clinic

Thanks to our experience and success in the field of addiction treatment, we know how much the addict’s family suffers even though the addict himself is not aware that he needs help and treatment. Although the problem is often minimized, the family must take responsibility for treatment of the addict. Suffering, disappointment, rage, disbelief and feeling of helplessness are the usual reactions of the family.

We totally understand your reactions. We know you do not want to let your child take a wrong road and ruin his future. Young people are often confused and immature. The worst you can do is to argue with your child indefinitely. This will not solve the problem. Luckily, you are not alone in all this. We are here to help you and make this process easier.

At our VIP Vorobjev clinic, we have been successful in this field for years. There is no unsolvable problem because we know how to deal with them successfully thanks to our expert and maximally dedicated staff. Good clinics are characterized by top professionals, and we have world-renowned experts working at our clinic.

We are here to help you strengthen your desire to be cured and to persevere with your treatment. You can do it with our help. We will support your efforts to move to a more beautiful and healthier life and make your drug experience become an old episode.


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