How to help a cocaine addict? A question many people ask, unfortunately.

Cocaine, or as it is called in slang, coke, snow, is a white powdery substance classified as the most potent psychostimulant.

It is a drug known since ancient times and was first isolated from its parent plant in 1855. Nevertheless, the official synthesis was given by Albert Niemann 5 years later.

Already at the discovery itself, cocaine provoked incredible interest among scientists. There were almost no reputable people who did not want to know its effect. Even Sigmund Freud, after examining the substance on himself, pointed out that it can cure many health problems, such as depression, sex addiction, and digestive tract diseases.

At the beginning of the 20th century, cocaine was found in various medical preparations, as well as tonics and carbonated drinks. Its true effect was quickly discovered, so it was declared an illegal substance. However, this did not stop its use. On the contrary! Up to the present day, there has been a steady increase, with the number of registered cases of cocaine addict exceeding 15 million.

As people often do not want to accept the fact that there is a problem or go for addiction treatment, family members and loved ones must help them. For this reason, VIP Vorobjev clinic gives you the answer to the question: “how to help a cocaine addict”.

Learn to clearly identify the problem

Before discussing “how to help a cocaine addict,” you need to learn how to recognize the symptoms of the disease.

Kako pomoći zavisniku od kokaina

Keep in mind that addiction develops gradually and worsens progressively. It is important that you pay more attention with the first signs of doubt. A person under the influence of cocaine has dilated pupils that are not sensitive to light. As this psychoactive substance gives a sense of intellectual power, there is excessive talking, impulsive behavior, and even anxiety and aggression.

Over time, you can also note social changes, disinterest in daily activities, negligence regarding personal hygiene and appearance, and problems at work or school. You will surely catch your loved one in a lie and possibly in stealing your money or valuables.

How to help a cocaine addict? Avoid common mistakes

Aiming to help their loved one, family and friends often make mistakes. The hardest part, certainly, is closing your eyes to the knowledge that your child is an addict. Avoiding the fact that one of your friends consumes a dangerous substance is equally bad.

Šta je suzavisnost

Violent problem solving is another mistake families make in despair. Watching a family member perish before your eyes under drug influence is really difficult. But taking away stocks of a substance is not the solution. Keep in mind that mental addiction is so severe that in these situations the person is ready to do anything to get a new dose. So, it is not uncommon for them to indulge in crime or paid sexual services.

Nothing in life can be achieved with anger. Especially when you are looking for a delicate answer to “how to help a cocaine addict”. To avoid getting your loved one to take a defensive stance and deny the problem, you need to put anger aside.

 Motivate him to face the problem

Drug addiction destroys the family, so it is necessary to start treatment for addiction as soon as possible.

Since all of the addict’s attention is focused on the use and purchase of cocaine, you need to find the right approach to talk. Instead of guilt and shame, show compassion. Only in this way will your loved one see what a destructive life he leads. Knowing that you are there for him at all times, he will be ready to start fighting the addiction.

The next step, certainly, is choosing the right rehabilitation center. Treatment for cocaine addiction at VIP Vorobjev clinic stands out from others primarily by their individual approach. Therefore, the prescribed program is the best choice for the patient, as it is made on the basis of a detailed diagnostics of physical and mental state.

Unique modern methods of treating addiction not only provide the best results in the shortest time but are also painless. So no negative effects of the crisis are manifested, while the brain functions are completely preserved. Thanks to these methods, patients have no fear of treatment, nor fear of developing another addiction, which is often the case with conventional therapies.

VIP Vorobjev clinic is also characterized by a top team of world experts who have many years of experience. Caring for the patient always comes first. So every treatment is carried out under the constant supervision of doctors and psychotherapists, and full post-treatment support is a mandatory practice of this hospital.

Kako pomoći zavisniku od kokaina

To make your treatment and stay comfortable, VIP Vorobjev clinic service corresponds to a 5-star hotel. All rooms are equipped with luxury furniture, cable TV and wireless internet. For leisure and relaxation, there is a library, a gym, a swimming pool, and a hot tub.

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