How to recover from alcoholism? A question every person asks when he or she realizes they need treatment for alcoholism.

Alcoholic beverages are the most widespread substance in modern society. There is almost no person in the world who has not tasted a drink at one point in his or her life. With drinks, we relax after a stressful day at work, our night out is more interesting with a glass. It reduces nervousness before an important event and gives a dose of self-confidence to shy people, while it is an important source of comfort for those sad ones.

Alcohol has the power to keep us warm in the winter and cool us down during hot summer days, and in some situations helps to digest food more easily.

However, the problem arises when harmless drinking turns into a passion that we cannot resist. Then, alcohol begins to rule our psyche and behavior, as well as all aspects of life.

Alcoholism in the family is an increasingly common problem in society, with children being the greatest victims of addiction. Namely, according to research, every 10th child lives with a parent who drinks heavily, while chronic addiction is developed in 140 million people.

Given the gravity of the situation, VIP Vorobiev clinic gives you the answer to the question: “how to recover from alcoholism?”

How to recover from alcoholism? Face the hardships

Before you begin to consider “how to recover from alcoholism” you need to understand why it is important to start the fight. In doing so, do not confuse acute alcohol poisoning with long-term consumption, as the effects of alcoholism are much more severe.

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Overuse of alcohol first affects the liver. Impaired function results in a load that leads to a serious illness – liver cirrhosis. At the same time, the elasticity of blood vessels decreases, resulting in hypertension and the risk of stroke, while excessive heart strain causes breathing problems and heart diseases.

Over time, alcohol begins to damage brain cells, resulting in behavioral changes, a decline in cognitive function, but also depression, generalized anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders. It may also lead to premature dementia.

The fact that drinking severely impairs both physical and mental health is best evidenced by the fact that under its influence the average life of a person shortens by as many as 15 years.

Be prepared to seek family help

Although we live in modern society, shame is still present in the family with addiction. It is concealing the problem, even tacit approval, that is the major mistake. Also, judgment and criticisms can be counterproductive, that is, they can become a justification for continuing intoxication.

Instead of guilt and insult, have an honest conversation, full of understanding, so that your loved one will not deny the problem, but will trust you. It is very important that you talk in a sober state and in private in order to have better contact.

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At the same time, make it clear that the whole family is with him at every step of treatment, including joint visits to the doctor and psychotherapist.

Keep in mind that usually, one conversation cannot solve everything, but you have to be persistent, as this will motivate your loved one to start treatment.

Treating alcoholics at VIP Vorobiev clinic

Choosing the right rehabilitation center provides the key answer to the question: “how to recover from alcoholism.”

Today, there are numerous hospitals, but the modern methods of treating addiction that are applied at VIP Vorobiev clinic are unique not only in our country but around the world.

They are based, primarily, on a completely painless and safe detox. This approach avoids all the negative effects of withdrawal as well as the occurrence of alcoholic delirium, while regenerative method protects brain function and restores alcohol-damaged organs.

VIP Vorobiev clinic is also recognizable in terms of eliminating craving, with Ibogaine treatment being particularly noteworthy. Only one therapy with this natural substance achieves maximum results, i.e. eliminates mental addiction and balances neurotransmitters. An added benefit is that there is no risk of developing a new form of addiction or relapse.

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A world-class team of doctors and psychotherapists who are respected in the world and the most effective methods of treatment are accompanied by the best conditions of stay. VIP Vorobiev is a luxury rehab clinic. Modernly equipped rooms provide all the necessary comfort not only for you but also for your family members, while safety and privacy during treatment are guaranteed.

To make your stay at the clinic more enjoyable, the food is prepared solely according to patient’s wishes, and they also have a gym, swimming pool and a hot tub at their disposal.


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