Job “burnout“ is a complex state of psychological and emotional exhaustion.

Each of us has bad days at work, when we cannot get anything done. Sometimes, there is no clear reason for that. Simply, we wake up nervous and tired, with the feeling that everything is over our head. Such moments pass very quickly, and, without any consequences, we go back to our daily obligations.

However, the problem arises when there is a constant overload due to the discrepancy between wishes, goals and tasks at work. The body is then exposed to intense stress that becomes chronic.

The VIP Vorobjev clinic reveals to you how to recognize a job “burnout”.

Is the job “burnout” a modern-age disease?

The development of science and technology has made life easier. Unfortunately, employees did not get more free time. On the contrary, modern business is characterized by pressure in order for all deadlines to be met. It is not a rare case that people ignore their own needs due to job tasks, so they spend their weekends in the office. High competitiveness can also lead to poor interpersonal relationships and conflict with colleagues, which is an additional stress.

Research has shown that about 10 percent of employees suffer from “job burnout“, so it is no surprise that it is increasingly referred to as the modern-age problem.

Poslovni burn out

Believe it or not, the burnout syndrome was discovered more than 4 decades ago. The term was introduced by Herbert Freudenberger in 1974. This American psychiatrist gave the first definition of the problem, which he developed on the basis of testing volunteers working at the clinic for addiction treatment. According to him, “burnout“ means: ”the gradual loss of idealism, energy, sense, and goals caused by the conditions in which they work and can be considered as an individual’s response to a high level of chronic stress”.

Also, Freudenberger pointed out that it is an individual state, because it does not occur with all employees, regardless of the fact that they work in the same environment, have the same job description and the same level of education. This means that the job “burnout” is determined by personal characteristics.

How to recognize a job „burnout“?

Job “burnout” is slowly developing, so it is difficult to identify the problem immediately. Some symptoms that are manifesting as in depression also contribute to this. In spite of similarities, you need to keep in mind that “burnout” is strictly related to job, while depression is reflected in all aspects of life.

Recognizable physical signs for the job “burnout” are fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, back pain, stomach problems, but also eating disorders and a weakened immune system. Then, a number of emotional symptoms can occur, such as increased nervousness and irritability, sense of helplessness, rage, lack of motivation, anxiety

Job “burnout” also affects behavior change. A person becomes critical, forgetful, ineffective in doing the job, because he cannot focus on one thing only and it is difficult to remember new information. It is not a rare case that, in an attempt to deal with increasing stress themselves, people develop addiction to pills, alcohol or some other psychoactive substances.

Job „burnout“ has 4 stages

In the first stage, enthusiasm at work prevails. The employee is maximally dedicated to the job and no task is difficult for him. Given the happiness that this work brings, this period is called “honeymoon”.

At one point, the employee understands that nothing is perfect. Facing reality is exactly what the second stage is, and this is when the first visible physical symptoms occur. Disagreements start happening as well, both with associates and family members.

Poslovni burn out

The real situation leads to disappointment. At that stage, emotional problems occur. A person reassesses his accomplishments and abilities, so the feeling of anger and nonsense becomes a part of everyday life. The last phase is alarming, as apathy and complete loss of self-confidence become obvious. They result in disinterest in job, but also in avoiding contact with close people.

Can job “burnout” be cured?

In order to successfully cure the burnout syndrome, it is necessary to identify the causes of stress and learn how to deal with them on our own. This implies a change, above all, in behavior and habits, and in some cases, a change in the working environment.

If severe phases have already occurred, and there has been distancing from people and a decrease in working capacity, the help of an expert is mandatory. Through psychotherapy and counseling, not only will you learn how to avoid negative sides of the job, but also how to develop your resistance to stress.

The VIP Vorobjev clinic has a team of eminent experts to help you solve the problem. In its complex, there is a gym, pool and jacuzzi, which will speed up your recovery. Because behavior change also applies to the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits, i.e. regular exercise, proper nutrition and sufficient rest.

Do not let your job take full advantage of you, seek help in time and regain control over your life.

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