Panic attacks are emotional disorders characterized by sudden emergence of unpleasant symptoms that accelerate rapidly and lead to even greater fear.

They have a negative impact on day-to-day activities and most people find it hard to fight with them.

Vip Vorobjev Clinic is here to help you overcome panic attacks and bring your life back to normal.

Symptoms of panic attacks

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There are signs indicating the presence of panic attacks, some of which are as follows:

  • rapid heart beat;
  • fear of heart attack;
  • breathing problems;
  • choking;
  • sweating;
  • piercing feeling;
  • vertigo;
  • nausea;
  • fear of losing control and madness;
  • fear of repeated attacks.

All of these symptoms are not dangerous to life, and the sense of fear is transient. However, the individual struggle for overcoming them is very difficult and time-consuming.

We are here to help you overcome panic attacks and make that unpleasant psychological and physical symptoms never happen again.

Panic attacks and their causes

Panic attacks do not happen by chance, as it often seems to people; there is usually an unfavorable event that led to their development.

Often, one of the causes is the use of psychoactive substances like drogs and alcohol which then leads to feelings of tension and anxiety.

At our clinic, we successfully treat the causes and consequences of various disorders, especially those that cause addictive disorders, because we consider that they leave the most severe consequences both on the addict and his environment. We are aware of the suffering that families experience and therefore we encourage them to take the initiative and initiate the process of treatment, because addicts are mostly unable to do it by themselves.

A vicious circle leading to panic attacks looks like this: some people, who are more sensitive and anxious, develop fear of bodily symptoms that are otherwise very unpleasant. Fear then intensifies, and the man concludes that something terrible is happening to him.

The aforementioned thoughts again amplify the fear and the fear amplifies the symptoms and so on in a circle from which it is impossible to get out alone. Because of this, top experts working at our clinic give a helping hand in the most difficult situations and help all those who want to cure themselves. That is why our VIP Vorobjev Clinic is the best choice for treating addictive and psychological disorders.

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Treatment of panic attacks

When they experience the first attack, people are usually scared and go to the doctor. A medical examination is useful to exclude the possibility of a physical illness. When it is determined that the cause is not somatic but mental, the treatment can be started. Panic attacks can last for years if they are not treated and therefore need to be treated.

We have encouraging news for you: Panic attacks are successfully treated and can be beat forever. At our clinic we apply psychotherapy that has proven to be very effective in the treatment of panic attacks. Sometimes it is necessary to apply medications, but only a doctor decides about it.
Psychotherapists with many years of experience are practicing psychotherapy at our clinic.

In conversation with a psychologist you will realize that the problem is solvable and you will be able to open your soul and share all your problems with top experts. In our hands you are totally safe, and this is evidenced by the large number of cured patients whose life has changed for the better, thanks to cooperation with us.

Let your experience be positive, wish yourself a recovery in the New Year and with our help turn a new leaf in your life.



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