Regenerative methods are important for treating addiction.

The use of drugs and other psychoactive substances implies serious consequences. In fact, every form of addiction includes three levels – physical, psychological, and social. Painless opiate detoxification that is administered at VIP Vorobjev Clinic allows the body to be physically cleaned of drugs within two to three days.

Thanks to the contemporary methods of psychological dependence treatment, obsessive desire to re-take drugs is successfully eliminated, while the significance of psychotherapy, as well as full
post-treatment support, is mostly reflected in the social level. They facilitate the patient’s return to a healthy lifestyle.

For each of these steps to be successful, i.e., to lead to complete recovery, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system and give the destroyed body the energy needed to fight addiction. This is precisely what regenerative procedures provide.

Regenerativne metode
As a separate field, regenerative medicine stimulates tissues and organs by applying achievements in molecular biology and engineering. The tissues and organs themselves become the “repair” mechanisms of the body.

What regenerative methods are most significant with addictive disorders is revealed to you by VIP Vorobjev clinic.

Regenerative methods that activate neuronal activity

More effective preparations with fewer side effects were developed as early as in the 1970s. It is on these that neurometabolic therapy is based.

Namely, by using peptides, amino acids, nucleosides, lipids, oligosaccharides and microelements
the synthesis and utilization of oxygen and glucose are enhanced, so they affect not only the central nervous system but also blood and other organ cells.

This causes a positive effect on memory, speech, reasoning, concentration, and ability to learn. Then, the immune system is strengthened so that the feeling of weakness, fatigue, and exhaustion disappears. At the same time, they eliminate signs of stress, anxiety, and irritability.
Therapy has a strong antidepressant effect, developing the patient motivation to find solutions to the problem they face.

Due to this wide range of activities, neurometabolic therapy is the basis for the treatment of addictions and psychological disorders. It has also found its application in many other fields – immunology, ophthalmology, gynecology, as well as the treatment of internal and surgical diseases.

The first results are visible immediately after one treatment, which is one of the advantages of this method.

Regenerative detoxification methods

Plasmapheresis is a painless, but the most effective method of blood purification. It is used to remove certain plasma or blood components to eliminate harmful substances. At the same time,
it reduces the risk of delirium tremens and psychotic disorders.

Regenerativne metode
This regenerative method stimulates the production of new, young cells in the body.
Therefore, it strengthens the immune system and the activity of T-lymphocytes to fight viruses and bacteria.

Actually, plasmapheresis improves not only the internal but also the external condition of the body.

Laser blood purification is a procedure in which blood is exposed to a low level of red light. The laser directs light energy to body cells. Cells then turn this energy into chemical energy necessary for natural healing and pain relief.

The laser also enables photons to get into tissue and be absorbed in mitochondrial cells where they are transformed into electromagnetic energy. This promotes metabolism, develops muscle tissue and collagen, improves blood circulation, accelerates wound healing, and stimulates the nervous and immune system.


Oxyven therapy is natural body detoxification based on the application of small quantities of oxygen. The treatment was developed by German neurologist Dr. Regelsberger based on years of research into the application of oxygen for therapeutic purposes.

Regenerativne metode
The use of oxygen leads to more intense blood flow and the formation of antithrombotic hormone Prostacyclin. This results in strong vascular dilatation in the entire structure, which accelerates wound healing, peripheral nerve recovery, regenerates the liver, and strengthens the body’s resistance to diseases.

Magnetic field and spark waves

Magnetotherapy is one of the oldest treatment methods. The use of the magnetic dates back to the era of ancient Egyptians in 3600 BC.

This regenerative method has multiple effects on the human body. The magnet has been found to havea positive effect on circulation, metabolism, blood pressure, and immune system. The use of magnet stimulatesendorphin and serotonin production, thus relieving stress and depression.

Since the magnetic field blocks the feeling of pain, it is an integral part of addiction treatment. It primarily eliminates withdrawal symptoms. By relaxing muscles, it leads to an extra inflow of energy needed to fight addiction.

Spark wave therapy is the most effective treatment for ulcers, bedsores, large wounds, severe lesions.

The innovative method was developed in Germany. Using special MTS devices, it activates natural mechanisms of affected tissue healing. Thus it creates capillary blood vessels in the affected areas.

All regenerative methods used at VIP Vorobjev clinic are individual. That means they are prescribed after detailed diagnostics of the patient’s physical and psychological condition. They are administered under constant supervision of the professional medical team and using most up to date, internationally recognized devices.

The pleasant atmosphere in treatment premises, as well as luxuriously equipped rooms, make the treatment at VIP Vorobjev clinic easier to bear and more comfortable than in any other institution.

Our complete program allows you not only to get rid of the addiction but also to feel reborn and ready to lead a normal life again.


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